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BAMBOO TEA CONTAINS SILICA- Silica can help promote healthy hair, skin and nails

    Silicon is an essential mineral for bone formation.  Silicon supplementation may accelerate the rate of bone mineralization.  It is also a building block of collagen — a protein our body uses to rejuvenate skin and joints.

    Even more exciting, silica prevents the absorption of aluminum in the digestive system. 

    Bamboo leaf is also linked to potential hair and nail health.  

    • DELICIOUS TASTING- This light flavored tea tastes great without any sugar. You will enjoy every cup.


    • Bring 8 oz of pure water to boil.
    • Pour over 1 bag of bamboo leaf tea in a cup.
    • Cover with a clean cloth.
    • Steep for at least 4-5 minutes. Sometimes I let mine brew for up to 10 minutes to get a stronger tea.
    • Add a little honey or your favorite sweetner, or even lemon juice for flavor.
    • Enjoy! 

    For best results, drink at least one cup every day.  It is not recommended to exceed 3 cups a day.  

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