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papaya girls running with papaya tshirtHerbal Papaya is the #1 manufacturer of papaya health and wellness products.

Our mission is to provide premium quality organic papaya products to support healthy living and impact our world. We educate and inspire individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle and explore the benefits of papaya. We are glad people everywhere are taking control of their health and becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of natural products, especially about the high nutritional value Say No To GMOsfound in papaya.

Our Commitment To Quality:

 From Our Farms To Your Home:

What Makes Our Company Extra Special:
herbal papaya leaf extract helps support education for African girls

Through our giving, we have increased the availability of chemical free, organic and gmo-free papayas. So go ahead and buy with confidence, knowing that you are contributing to keeping our environment healthy and supporting the communities where our papayas are grown. 

Why You Should Choose Herbal Papaya:

Herbal Papaya founder Dr Unoma Okorafor
Our Story:
Founded in 2011 by Dr. Unoma Okorafor, a native of Nigeria, West Africa, Dr. Okorafor launched a personal journey to find papaya products to support her health during pregnancy. Having been raised on fresh organic papayas, just off the trees in her native country, she was shocked to discover the radical difference between the non-gmo papaya she was raised on, and the gmo papaya varieties abundant in stores in the U.S.A.

Knowing the health benefits of natural organic papaya, she started searching grocery stores and natural health food stores for any papaya product that compared to the papaya of her youth. She sought out organic papaya products, but was surprised to realize such products did not exist. Ever impassioned to support health among women and men across the globe, the team at Herbal Papaya continues to dedicate their life to sourcing and producing the highest quality papaya products. 

Our Values: 
It is important you know that our company culture places high value on honesty, integrity and respect. As a company founded on biblical principles, we strive always for the highest ethical standards and we will simply not compromise on our quality and our principles.

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