Health Professionals Program

This is an amazing opportunity! We work with hundreds of health practitioners including doctors, chiropractors, wellness centers and coaches  to bring our amazing, tested and proven natural supplements to their clients. 

The program in 4 easy steps:  

  • Receive a unique coupon code to share share with your patients. 
  • Your clients receive a 10% discount to purchase from our website while you receive a 10% commission, when they place a purchase.
  • Sign up on our a third-party program (Refersion) to easily track all orders using your code and how much commission you earn. 
  • Login to the platform and be notified by email each time an order is completed with your code. It is super easy and completely transparent.

How to get started:

Note: This is not a multi-level marketing scheme. Working with our brand does not restrict you from promoting any other health-related products or supplements. 

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