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About Herbal Papaya - Values, Certifications

What is your goal at Herbal Papaya?

What makes Herbal Papaya unique?

7 Top Reasons to try Herbal Papaya products

What does earth friendly and sustainable manufacturing mean to us?

Is it possible to get a copy of your organic certification?

We seek to purchase bulk certified organic papaya raw materials

Whats the difference between non GMO and Organic?

Why are some of your products non GMO but not Organic?

Why is papaya leaf bitter?

Does your papaya leaf extract in liquid or capsule form contain any alcohol?

How does the new preservative-free glycerin based papaya leaf liquid extract compare to the prior water based extract?

How are your Papaya and Graviola Leaves dried?

What is your magnesium stearate made from and is it vegan and non-GMO?

What is the nutritional Value of Papaya Fruit?

Please can I get the information indicating that your product has the USDA label on the packaging?

Product Disclaimer

Product Information

The new bottle of papaya leaf extract I got, has a different color and taste than the previous one I usually buy, why is this so?

Is it safe to use Herbal Papaya products with other medications?

Is it safe to use Herbal Papaya products during pregnancy?

Do any of your products cross-contaminate with any of the top 8 allergens?

What is the difference between your papaya leaf extract capsules vs the papaya leaf blood support capsules?

Does papaya leaf contain caffeine?

Can you give me more information on the papaya leaf tea and herbs?

What are your brewing instructions for the Papaya Leaf Tea?

What is the shelf life of Herbal Papaya products?

Our papaya leaf extract capsule is a 10:1 herbal extract ration. What does that mean?

Does your herbal graviola or herbal papaya tea come in bleach free tea bags?

Health Benefits of Papaya

What are the benefits of taking papaya supplements?

What can papaya leaf do in the health of people?

What is the difference in benefits between the papaya seed extract liquid and the seed powder?

How does papaya leaf help the blood, platelets and circulation system?

Is papaya leaf tea and papaya leaf extract safe?

How do I know papaya leaf works?

Are there any side effects that I should expect when taking Herbal Papaya products?

Does papaya leaf thin the blood?

Health Benefits of Graviola

What are the benefits of taking graviola supplements?

Is graviola / soursop safe to take for a breastfeeding mother?

Does long term use of graviola damage the nerves in the body? What are the benefits of graviola?

What percentage of Guanabana or Soursop is in Graviola Soursop Leaf Extract Liquid - Organic, non-gmo 12oz?


What is your shipping policy?

Is it possible to get free shipping?

Where does my order ship from?

I placed an order but I have not yet received a confirmation email - what's going on?

International countries we ship to regularly

I do not live in the United States, Can you ship your products to me?

When shipping, can you tell me the custom charges for international orders?

I am having trouble understanding the progress of my shipment (ship tracking). I would like to know what is the problem?

Could you tell me the cost to ship to my international location?


What payment methods do you accept?

Is it safe to order on your website?

Do you accept prepaid debit cards or money orders?

Is there a possibility to pay with more than 1 credit card?

Why am I having issues using PayPal once I put an order in the cart?

How else can I buy your products without ordering online?

Return and Exchange Policy

What is your policy on returns/exchanges/replacements?

How do I return the product I purchased?

I received the wrong product, what do I do?

The product was damaged when delivered

I am a customer and I have a complaint about your products or service?

Loyalty & Rewards Program

How does your loyalty rewards and referral program works?

I tried entering my points but no code is showing?

What about earning points when referring a friend?

Wholesalers & Retailers FAQ

What is the minimum purchase requirement for retailers?

I would like to distribute your products in my country. Can you send me a distributor or wholesale price list and instructions on how to proceed?

Can I sell your products on my website?

I want to become a distributor/ wholesaler of your products. What do I do?

Do you sell wholesale?

I would like to distribute your products. Can you send me a distributor or wholesale price list and instructions on how to proceed?


I have been taking 1 capsule of the 600mg Papaya Leaf Extract per day . How much of the (which?) liquid extract would I need to get the same dosage (mg/day)?

What is the dosage of your papaya leaf extract in ml?

What dosage of the Papaya Leaf Extract would you recommend I give to a puppy, dog / pet

What is the dosage for children/baby/kids?

How often or how long should I take Papaya Leaf Tea or Papaya Leaf Extract?

Can children take the supplement or drink the tea?

Can you give me more information on your products like dosage and servings per bottle?

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