5 Beauty Tips for Looking Younger this Summer

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5 Beauty Tips for Looking Younger this Summer

Summer can be a harsh season for your skin and usual healthy appearance. Sure a tan can make you look slimmer and youthful sometimes, but if you damaged your skin to get there is the end gain really worth it? 

As we approach the summer season, we wanted to share a few tips from other magazines and bloggers that resonated with us. These tips are meant to keep you healthy and youthful this June. Read our recommendations below to achieve an elegant natural beauty in the warmer months. Embrace your natural self and prepare to look bright and captivating this summer - no makeup required! 

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Protect yourself from the sun 

As Prevention Magazine talks about, the key to a youthful look in the summer is making sure you’re protected from harsh rays of the sun. This goes for your whole body (none of that tanning lotion as your only protection please!). For the more sensitive spots, like your lips, either wear lip balm with built-in SPF (at least 15+) or slather on the SPF underneath your regular lip balm or lipstick. This will help against thinning, dryness, and sun spots on your mouth. 

Another great tip that Prevention offers is to use sunscreen to protect hair. Use a comb to spread sunscreen through your hair before jumping in the water, and help prevent drying out your hair from salt water or chlorine. Always protect your part as well - it’s usually left out! 

Freshen up during long-haul flights 

It’s almost summer! There’s a good chance a few of you have exciting travels in the near future, but there’s often the long-haul flight you have to get through first. So how can you still look rejuvenated after spending 8 hours on a plane? 

The actress Nina Dobrev talks about her tips for looking fresh after long flights on Everyday Health. First, she tries to sync up with the time zone she’s traveling to, sleeping during their nighttime or staying up if it’s their daytime. This help prevents jet lag and hopefully helps reduce the chance of feeling really out of it and/or crashing as soon as you get to your destination. 

She also always washes her face immediately after a flight and applies moisturizing face masks multiple times throughout her flight to keep her skin glowing. 

Go Natural 

Apothederm discusses the benefits of going natural in your beauty regime this summer, as in using little to no make-up in order to let your skin breath for a few months. 

Your face should feel much lighter and refreshed without a ton of makeup on. Instead of spending time on getting your makeup just right, use that time to instead focus on healthy skin, it’s the key to that youthful look, after all. Work on skin protection, hydration, and rocking that natural appearance - you may be surprised at how much younger you look come the fall.  

Embrace the frizz 

When it’s hot & humid out, it’s tempting to reach for a bunch of hair products to tame those locks, but a lot of those products can also seriously damage your hair, especially in the heat. 

Katy from the Free People blog recommends embracing instead of taming your hair in the summer and throwing out those destructive hair products in the process. She uses moisturizing sea salt spray that has very few ingredients in her hair to embrace the beach vibes and maintain a textured look that comes off as healthy and youthful. 

Another great idea is looking into DIY hair masks that use all natural ingredients and help to rejuvenate your hair after a day in the sun. No one wants to have dry and brittle hair once summer ends!

Hydration is key 

The quickest and easiest way to a healthy glow? Hydration! Drinking your fair share of water this summer is a great way to increase your youthful appearance and keep skin dewy and fresh. You should get into the habit of regularly drinking water throughout the day all year, but especially in the summer, plan to increase your water intake a lot. 

The Mind-Body Green blog claims that there’s nothing better for your body than starting your day with hot water and lemon. It wakes up your senses while helping to cleanse your body in the best ways possible. 


So, are you ready for a healthy & youthful look this summer? What tips do you have to rock your natural look this season? 

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