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We are often met with startled looks when we tell people that no part of the papaya fruit should be thrown away in the name of compost waste.

[What’s that?]

Yes, including papaya seeds too.

“Why, no way would I eat those bitter little things!,” we often hear.

Unbeknownst to many, papaya seeds are one helluva of a nutritional warrior, armed with many health benefits. And no, it’s not another of those old wives’ tales; there is some solid evidence to back it up.

Sadly, these benefits have not been making headlines in the public domain as they should, at least until alternative health started to gain traction. At Herbal Goodness, it is a narrative we are keen on spreading because truth be told, you are missing out on a LOT.

Untold Benefit

Papaya seeds are perceived to have several health benefits:

  • Removes toxin – If there is one thing papaya seeds are good at, it is their ability to cleanse our bodies starting with the liver. Consuming just a few scoops of these little bad boys each week can perk up your overall health a great deal.
  • Improves digestive health – Just like the humble papaya fruit, papaya seeds are packed with abundant digestive enzymes, most notable being papain (that agent responsible for tenderizing those barbecue cuts?).

The seeds are a potent source of these enzymes which facilitate the activities of good bacteria. The result is an enhanced functionality of the GI tract. Time to bid adieu to those unsettling digestive issues.

  • Nutritious – They may not be the poster child for the world’s most nutritious foods, but don’t be fooled. Papaya seeds are highly nutritious, and several research studies have shown them to be high in protein and fat.

They are also brimming with micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

This doesn’t mean you should indulge in them like they are going out of fashion. Moderation is key. Moderation is key.

  • Supports our Cardiovascular and Circulatory Systems – Papaya seeds, as with its fruit, hold powerful support for our immune and muscular systems largely to thank is the presence of two very important enzymes generally associated with papaya: papain as well as carpaine. 

Carpaine is one of the major alkaloid components of papaya seed and leaves which has been studied for its cardiovascular and Circulatory system effects 


Papaya Seed Powder from Herbal Goodness

Not every one of us is fortunate enough to have daily access to fresh papaya seeds. With papaya plantations in Sri Lanka, we at Herbal Papaya have made it easy for you to harness the benefits of papaya seeds by making them available in powder form. We collect the seeds from organic ripe papayas, sundry them to the perfect moisture content, and then grind them to perfect powder.

We painstakingly adhere to the highest quality standards right from growth through to *processing, aiming to keep our products as 100% natural as possible. Our papaya seed powder comes from trees that are wholly grown and nurtured organically. This is because we are firm proponents of the organic movement, as we strongly believe this is the only way to avoid the catastrophe that is commercially grown food.

We get it that everyone has their preferences, and we respect that.

If you are one of those who believe in pure organic, non-GMO products, we think we could really hit it off pretty well. And we trust you would love our Papaya Seed Powder.



If you noticed an asterisk next to the word processing just above, it’s because our product is processed and manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities. Our fresh papaya seeds straight from the farm are sun-dried for between 4 to 5 days and then blended into a powder. The result? A 100% USDA Organic-certified, chemical-free product bursting with natural goodness.

papaya seed powder herbal goodness

Some Uses of our Papaya Seed Powder

Herbal Goodness' Papaya Seed Powder is just as good as fresh papaya seeds straight from their delicious fruit.

And then some.

There is no limit to just how creative you can get with this product.

Mix it in water or juice to cleanse your body naturally. Use it as a hot cereal add-on to not just break the monotony but improve the taste as well, while adding a healthy dose of nutrients. Use it as your secret salad dressing for when the visitors come. Sprinkle it on everything from smoothies, to yogurt, to granola bars, soup; eggs even!

The slightly peppery taste of papaya seed powder also makes it a great substitute for black pepper (just a small amount will do yah!).

To sum this up, papaya seeds are very effective at cleansing and protecting the body. Make them a regular in your palate, and your gut will thank you. 

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