Why Dont Doctors Prescribe Natural Alternatives?

Why Don't Doctors Prescribe Natural Health Treatments That are Effective, Safe and Cheaper?!

There was a couple whose 27 year old daughter was in the advanced stages of bone cancer. The harsh effects of Chemo were taking a toll, and her platelets were down to 7! They asked her oncologist if it is ok to give her Papaya Leaf Extract to boost immunity and platelet count during chemotherapy. The doctor told them that it was no problem, that in fact a number of his patients had reported that they had used the Papaya leaf herbal supplement with success in increasing platelet count.

Naturally they wondered why he didn’t tell them about this product rather than recommend irreversible spleen removal and expensive Predisone shots.

So, ever wondered why the majority of allopathic physicians don't take part in proclaiming the good news about the benefits of Papaya Leaf Extract and other natural treatments? There are many reasons.

1. Insurance and Medical Board Regulations: Unfortunately, Doctors cannot tell you about this or any “natural or alternative health therapies” and stay employed. Insurance regulations would preclude such suggestions. And they could get into administrative trouble by recommending natural, non-drug treatments for cancer.

2. Herbal and Natural Treatments are not patentable: A Doctors' advice is controlled by a large medical industry that makes mega money off expensive cancer fighting drugs and treatments. An industry that doesn’t look favorably on natural supplements or other cancer treatments as they cannot patent them to make high profits.

3. Medical School and the Practice: Another reason why doctors ignore sensible, safe, cheap and healthy treatments for cancer, and recommend costly and illogical treatments instead—is human nature. They advise and prescribe what they know. Just what we all do. You go to them and you get what they know. You assume they will do the best they can for you, while in fact they only do what the system teaches them, promotes and allows them to do.

Don’t expect a doctor working inside the system to buck the system. The risks are too great.

You don’t have to avoid chemotherapy or radiation therapy to receive benefits from natural products and supplements. It makes sense, doesn’t it, to supplement your chemotherapy or radiation treatments with other options such as Papaya Extract and anti-oxidants that support your body and actually help it be much more effective in fighting cancer.

Many people only do chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and do not also support their body’s fight against cancer in other ways. All too often, the cancer is not destroyed, or comes back a short while later. And no wonder… If the immune system has been wiped out by chemotherapy or radiation, cancer is bound to overrun the body even faster than before.

Papaya Leaf Extract supplements don’t hurt you. They can only help. They do not have harsh negative side effects and They won’t make chemotherapy or radiation therapy less effective. Instead they amplify the power of whatever cancer treatments you maybe doing by attacking cancer in other ways, or supporting the health of the body and immune system.

A natural approach to cancer is based on making your body healthier. It is to strengthen a depleted, worn out, under energized immune system that is not capable of killing cancer cells as fast as they are multiplying.

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