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- The #1 ranking fruit of angels Papaya's leaves, seed and fruit have the most powerful antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E and Beta-Carotenes as well as minerals such as potassium and folate. Papaya is the only natural source of the powerful protein-digesting enzyme papain, and also  contains the enzyme fibrin, a rarity in the plant world.

 Papaya helps support a healthy immune system, aids digestion and supports proper blood platelet functions. Due to the enzymes it contains it helps speed up metabolism, improves the quality of blood cells and helps fight free radicals in your body.

Herbal Papaya manufactures premium quality papaya products as Papaya Leaf Teas, Papaya Leaf Extracts, Papaya Leaves and bulk herbs, Papaya Juice & Smoothie Mix and Papaya Seed Products. 

We are the #1 Global Provider of Papaya products to energize people, support healthy living and impact our world

What Makes Us So Unique?

  • 100% women owned and run. 
  • 10% of profits to to educating girls in Africa.
  • Care deeply about our environment.
  • Give back to impact the communities where our Papayas are grown. 

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what makes Our company so Unique

  Learn more about papaya including nutritional analysis to how to pick and store.

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