What Are the Health Benefits of Papaya?

papaya fruit leafby: Jessica Oren Certified Family Herbalist

Many people come to use and wonder what the health benefits of papaya are. First let me tell you that mostly everything on the papaya plant is EDIBLE. The fruit, leaves, flowers, stems, roots, and seeds. The papaya tree is actually the largest herb in the world that we know of. The leaves have a higher potency of the enzyme papain as well as the other nutrients and vitamins found in papaya.

Papaya has been used for many generations for the digestive system, blood support, healthy skin, hair and nails, parasite upkeep, and cell regulation.

Papayas don't keep on your kitchen counter or fridge for too long and they come from far distances if you live in the United get your papaya that is more shelf stable and bioavailable.

Our extracts are more potent than eating the leaves and our teas are so delicous.

non gmoThe whole reason behind taking a supplement is to increase your health and well being. So here, at Herbal Papaya, we only use our own farms and USDA Organic, non-gmo, sustainable and fresh papaya leaves, fruit, and seeds. This is imporant as we know that GMO plants have not been tested long enough for us to really and truly know the outcome of these bioplants on our health. The studies that have come out are astonishing. So remembr, when choosing papaya or papaya supplements go with the best. papaya all

Freshness is also imporant as it will carry over to how your body can accept the wonderful nutrition. We only harvest in season and sometimes have to wait until the rain ends before we can harvest the fruit and leaves. You can really see the difference in our products compared to others. The proof is in the GREENness!