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  • GMO Funding by the Big Companies

    Is GMO Funding causing labeling efforts to be thwarted? I just heard some disturbing news that some major companies that my family enjoys food products from have been bought out by the "bigs" and have sent lobbying dollars to thwart plans of labeling bills like Prop 37.

    The thing about this is I am finding out too late but I am not surprised. Here at Herbal Papaya we only source non-gmo seeds, leaves and fruit because it's something we are passionate about. We have joined forces with Just Label It and the Non-GMO Project (we are under process) because it's something we believe in.

    There are many companies making efforts to be GMO-free like us! We want to congratulate these companies. Companies like: Barbaras, Back to Nature, Glutino, GoRaw, EnerG, Lundberg, Manitoba and Mamma Chia to just name a few of our favorites. GMO Funding might cause slight set backs but these companies getting non-gmo verified increases awareness and informs the consumer.

    We don't promote this to brag but rather to educate because there are many still who do not know what GMO is. GMO means genetically modified organism to find out more click here. GMO Funding companies that we caught with their hands in the cookie jar include: General Mills (Larabar), Kellogg (Kashi), and Dean Foods (Silk). I am not saying there isn't redemption for these companies to turn around their choices but it didn't go unnoticed and it goes to show you that when the BIGS buy you out that making money becomes the top priority. If you grow small your choices are less based on making money.

    Want to get involved in turning back the tide on gmo funding? Here's how: Non-GMO Project & Just Label It.

    Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. You can find her on Google+.

  • How Should I Cleanse?

    How Should I Cleanse?

    The most important thing to know about cleansing is realizing that every person is different and may be affected by cleansing. You should always talk to your doctor, herbalist, or health practioner before starting a cleanse to know if it's right for you and safe.

    So...okay then, how should I cleanse?


    The first step is to clean the bowels. The lower bowel to be more precise. Why? Because when you clean the lower bowel you will have less toxins in your body, elimination will be efficient and ready for additional cleanses and your liver won't be on overduty.

    Most of us literally have pounds (not ounces) of waste in our body and when it gets jammed up and causes constipation there is no where for the toxins to go, this causes mood swings, sickness, body odor and can affect your immune system and allergies.

    So find an easy, not too complicated lower bowel cleanse that works for you. Make sure to drink plenty of fresh clean distilled water and stay on a mucusless diet during this time.

    This cleanse can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Take until you are going 3-5 bowel movements a day and they are painless, no bleeding, no constipation, and no straining.



    Next up is a parasite cleanse. We all have them! Either from gardening, farm work, playing with our dogs, eating meat, travel or just playing at the beach we can all get parasites. This is best done after a lower bowel cleanse when the lower intestine is at its' best. Keep on your fresh water and mucusless diet during this cleanse. Papaya seed extract is best for parasites. Use it for two weeks as directed. You may also take a black walnut tincture during this time and use a frequency generator to get any early stage parasites that might be left behind.



    Yay! It's the liver's turn and boy it does deserve it. The liver takes a beating and it needs to be refreshed too and it's so important. Doing a liver cleanse reaches an organ that manages to even pull prescription or over the counter drugs from our system. Many unwanted toxins can hide in our livers. Ask your herbalist what liver cleanse works best for you. Here are a few you can research.


    Next on the how should I cleanse train is the kidney cleanse. This is done after the liver cleanse for a reason. You want to make sure you are still drinking plenty of water and are still on a mucousless diet. Here are some ideas when thinking about starting a kidney cleanses you can discuss with your Master Herbalist or Naturopath Doctor.


    Lastly on the how should I cleanse list is the blood cleanse. This should be done with great care and observation. This should only be done with the advice of a Master Herbalist or Doctor. Cleansing the blood should only be done after all the other cleanses are done. You should be still going 3-5 times a day (moving the bowels) and not sick, have a fever, or a headache during this time. Along with a blood stream cleanse you can take 1-2 tablespoons of papaya leaf extract or 2-3 papaya leaf extract capsules.

    This blog post was prepared prior to 04/15/14.

    Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. You can find her on Google+

  • Heirloom Seeds and Heirloom Practices

    Heirloom seeds have been used along with our heirloom farming practices. What does heirloom mean? Heirloom means: a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations. What does heirloom seeds mean? Heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, meaning they rely on natural pollination from insects or the wind. Generally, heirloom plants are grown on a small scale using traditional techniques, and are raised from seeds that are at least 50 years old (from google dictionary).


    So, why heirloom practices? Our reasons are varied but heirlooms have adapted over time to whatever climate and soil they have grown in. Due to their strong and inherited genetics, they are most often resistant to local pests, diseases, and extremes of weather. So we wouldn't take a GMO seed or a seed from Mexico or Hawaii and try to plant it in our farms in Nigeria. It doesn't make sense to us!


    Our farms are run very low tech. Low tech has it's benefits and fall backs. We can't pump out as much papaya seeds and leaves with these practices because everything is hand harvested. However, there is less pollutants, less processing, and no need for the use of chemicals in the farming process. There are very few Organic, non-gmo, heirloom farms for papaya and for that reason we are very unique and different. As we grow so will our farms and land but in the mean time we feel like growing slow is okay, it allows us to feel connected to the land and the community that helps us grow the papaya with heirloom seeds.


    Our farming practices are special to us and we feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful community. Heirloom seeds and heirloom farming are more than a practice, it's a way of life that is sustained. Here is a great article on Heirloom Agriculture: http://www.sustainabletable.org/1383/heritage-animal-breeds-and-heirloom-crop-varieties.


    Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. You can find her on Google+

  • The Papaya Tree or Herb?

    Is the papaya an herb or tree?

    According to most trusted sources it's a large "tree-like" plant or her but for sure not a "tree". It has a short life and is very fast growing. It's a woody herb much like lambs quarters. Except that it grows up to 10-12 feet!

    Did you know that in other countries papaya is known as something different? For example  Australia or Africa it's known as PaPaw or Paw Paw. In Brazil, closer to where the papaya came from, it's known as Mamao. Sometimes papaya is called TREE MELON.

    So is the papaya a tree or herb?

    We say HERB!


    Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. You can find her on Google+

  • Ask The Herbalist

    We now have an "ask the herbalist" email where a trained certified family herbalist will do her best to point you in the right direction or answer any questions you might have. Give her a try at: herbalist@herbalpapaya.com.

  • Papaya Smoothie, Leaves In Your Smoothie, What?

    So here at herbal papaya we juice and do green smoothies. We love smoothies actually. We experiment with recipes and thought we would share our favorite smoothie tips using papaya fruit, leaves and seed.

    For your papaya smoothie remember one thing, you need to add something sweet. Papaya is very low sugar so if you like sweet smoothies add agave, stevia or one half of a banana to your smoothies for a great tasting papaya smoothie.

    Tip two, you can add our papaya leaf extract (1 tablespoon) directly into your blender with everything else and it won't effect the taste or strength of the extract. Our extract if activated by your saliva so don't forget to swish or "chew" your smoothie as you drink it.

    You can also add papaya leaves bulk right into your smoothie use it in place of your ginko or red raspberry leaves. Papaya tea in smoothies is a great substitute instead of using water, milk or juice. Brew 2 teaspoons per cup of flash boiled water, let stoop for 10-20 minutes for extra strength. Add 16 ounces of tea to your smoothie instead of your usual smoothie liquid. Use 8 oz for a smaller smoothie size.

    Our Superfruit Papaya Wellness drink is wonderful to put into smoothies also. You only need 1 ounce a day! Add to any smoothie for extra nutrients and well being. If you like frozen fruit in your smoothies you can purchase some organic papaya for your papaya smoothie. Here is a recipe below:

    Papaya Smoothie Recipe

    1 cup frozen organic papaya puree or fruit chunks
    16 ounces papaya tea or almond milk
    1/2 - 1 Very Rip Banana
    1 Tablespoon Agave
    1/2 Cup Spinach, Kale, or Papaya Leaves (got to get your chlorophyll)

    Blend and Enjoy! (Make sure you have a powerful blender but never blend for more than 50 seconds as you will lose nutrients due to the heat of the blender.

    Go for papaya, go for life!


    Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. You can find her on Google+

  • Swish Your Papaya!

    Swish Your Papaya!

    Okay what does this mean? It means "chew" your papaya leaf tea, extract or juice. Your saliva and the enzymes in your saliva is activated by chewing but when you take in liquid foods you don't really chew. You can hack your mouth by "swishing" the papaya leaf tea, extract or juice in your mind to activate the same saliva glands.

    Why? When you swish your papaya you will be able to absorb more nutrients, digest it more easily and get a stronger dose of the properties in what you drink.

    You should do this with all teas, smoothies, juices, liquid extracts and broths.

    So next time you partake the papaya, swish your papaya!

    Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. You can find her on Google+

  • Have You Heard of the Papaya Seed Detox?

    Have you heard of detoxing with papaya seed?

    Papaya seeds have been long used in cultures and societies as an enhancement to dishes, for a liver detox, and for a parasite cleanse. A papaya seed detox is very common in countries all over the world. Women in Africa grind the dried papaya seeds into a powder and add to foods to give to their families to fight against parasites. Many people believe that you can only get parasites from foreign travel but parasites can be found in your food and environment. Under cooked meats, your soil in your yard, and other food products may contain parasites that you don't know your are ingesting.

    Where you get your papaya seeds is important. Most papayas on the market are GMO and sprayed with chemicals. The whole point of detoxing is to get the toxins and inorganic materials out of your system. So for your papaya seed detox, source only the best.

    If you decide to try papaya seed for detoxing make sure it's from a non-gmo and organic source. A papaya seed detox should be done on a clean, mucousless diet. Also plenty of pure water, distilled is best. How much water should you drink? Drink at least half your body weight in fluid ounces each day. Before you do a liver and parasite cleanse do a lower bowel cleanse first. This way your intestinal tract is clear and clean ready to absorb and activate the papaya seed for detox.

    Can I use papaya seed in my food? Yes, but don't heat it. Add it to your favorite salad dressing, smoothie or on top of your clean meat instead of black pepper.

    How long can I take papaya seed? As an herbal extract or cleansing amounts it should be no longer than six weeks and up to six months if it's a strong diagnosed case of parasites. Culinary use of papaya seed can be safely used throughout your lifetime. Please remember to consult your physician or master herbalist before trying any detox and remember to follow a healthy lifestyle while doing a papaya seed detox.

    Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. You can find her on Google+

  • Voted Best At West by Lifestyles Ink

    Herbal Papaya was voted Best At West by Lifestyles Ink with Taste For Life and here's why...

    This year we launched the first and only Organic Papaya Seed Powder and Glycerin Extract. This is the first product of it's kind and purity on the market and there was quite some buzz around it. Our papaya seeds are grown on our farms in Nigeria and Sri Lanka and are only from the purest papaya seed today. The thing that makes us unique is that our papaya products are USDA Organic, Kosher Certified, Fairly sourced, and Non-GMO.

    Also everyone at Expo West who came to our booth got to try out new juice drink coming out late this spring. It is packed full of superfruits and tastes so nice. Our juice drink is a wellness drink that goes well on its' own or you can add it to your smoothie. I personally think our juice stands alone as a voted best product. It really is fabulous.

    We also introduced many stores and customers to the taste of our new papaya leaf extract. It's sweeter and thicker than before but just as powerful. The cool thing about glycerin is that it is activated by your saliva! So the molecules of papaya leaf extract explode in your mouth. Make sure you swish, or chew, the extract to get the most out of it.

    Jessica, our Certified Herbalist on staff, got to see her Herbology School, The School of Natural Healing. She took the opportunity to shake hands with the Dean, Staff and Owner. She is such an herb nerd, but that is why we love her!

    Last but no least, it's also why we were voted best at west, is that our booth was so stinkin' pretty! We got a lot of complements. Thanks to Dr. Okorafor, Founder, and Lorriane Maleeny, Account & Customer Service Manager, it turned out to be one of the booths that ranked high in eye appeal.

    We can't wait until 2015 for Expo West and hope to make it even better! Go for Papaya, Go For Life. Maybe next year we will be voted best?


  • Papaya Leaf Extract - Health Benefits and More

    There are several great benefits of fruits such as papayas and one can truly achieve great health by striking the right balance between these fruits. That being said, you need to find fruit extracts that have the right composition and ingredients for the best benefits. They cost anything between $50 and $70. Most of us make the mistake of trusting fruit extracts blindly because we believe that they are natural so they can’t hurt right? However, when it comes to something like papaya leaf extract, you must make sure it is free of preservatives, alcohol and gluten.

    Papaya leaf extract benefits for good health and immunity

    One of the many benefits of papaya is that it is capable of restoring the cell cycle to a healthy level. Apart from this, papaya leaf is also very effective in maintaining the levels of blood platelets at the right level. By doing so, papaya leaf extract is extremely effective in maintaining good all round health at the cellular level.

    Another similar benefit of papaya leaf extract comes in the form of antioxidants. It is a known fact that free radicals are the root cause of increased rates of oxidation at the cellular level and this is what is partially responsible for aging. Papaya leaf extracts are rich in antioxidants, which make sure that there is no excess of free radicals in the body hence bringing the process of oxidation under control. Similarly, papaya leaf extract is also known to increase the activity of white blood cells, which eventually boosts your immunity. These extracts ensure that these white blood cells do their job effectively during infections and other such conditions.

    Papaya leaf extract for weight loss

    Anyone looking to lose weight and get healthy is going to love this health benefit of papaya leaf extract. Papaya leaf extract is a great supplement to take for those working on weight loss programs. These extracts help the body digest starch, fats and carbohydrates, break down proteins and boost your metabolism. All these actions speed up the weight loss process. They are especially effectively for individuals trying to follow a strict diet and exercise regime to lose those extra pounds.

    When it comes to weight loss, not many people bother about nutrition. However, if you are looking to lose weight, you must ensure that all your endeavors are directed not only towards weight loss but good health as well. There is no point losing weight if you are not getting the required nutrition. While your diet may not always take care of this aspect, papaya leaf extract is quite handy in this situation as well since it is packed with vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin A as well as potassium. This way, you can make sure that you lose weight in a nutritious manner.

    Another important thing to consider when taking these supplements is that these extracts should be available in a healthy medium. Taking something like glycerin based papaya leaf extracts is a great way to ensure that the properties of the extract are not affected by heat or cold. So make sure you make the right choice when looking for papaya leaf extracts.

    Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. You can find her on Google+

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