• Papaya is Healthy for Kids Too


    Papaya is Healthy for Kids Too

    Mr. PawpawIt is crucial that you take care of your kid's immune system to ensure that he or she remain healthy. By doing this you will be protecting them from whatever danger that might be floating around their body system. The primary function of the immune system is to defend the body against things such as devouring bacteria, fungi and other abnormal cells that may be harmful to them. If your kid takes long to heal when they fall sick, then the time is up to check his or her immune system. 

    A healthy and functional immune system is good for the overall well-being of your children. Since the world is busy, some activities that kids engage in can lower their immune systems. For instance, stresses, lack of sleep and poor diet have been identified as the main causes of lowered immunity in kids. Once you realize that the child immune system is struggling, it is critical that you take corrective measures to rescue it and bring it back to normal. Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot of money treating him.

    The common symptoms in a kid with a lowered immunity can be mild or severe. Generally, lower immunity weakens the functioning of the body. Your kid may experience frequent ailments, reduced physical activities, slower recovery even from a slight injury and lack of happiness among others. Once these symptoms are evident, it is important that you take action to boost your kid's immunity so that you can avoid visiting the hospital frequently.

    Papaya leaf and fruit contain components that provide benefits to the body of your child. Essentially, it contains natural fiber, vitamin c, essential minerals, and enzymes. All these are useful in the body's defense system. All over the world, this fruit is called the golden fruit since it has an enzyme papain which is extracted from the fruit & leaf. Apart from papain, it also has beta-carotene, which is used to convert vitamin A in the body to help in promoting healthy skin, and healthy tissues. Additionally, Vitamin A and C are both found in papaya and they are important for the proper functioning of the body's immune system.

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    From our Herbalist
    Along with papaya leaf, elderberry syrup, oregano oil & vitamin D are very useful during the cold and flu season. Make sure you are washing your hands also!
    October is healthy babies awareness month.

    Support your baby's immunity with papaya leaf extract. Its safe for mother and baby. Click to learn more.

    Celebration time! Herbal Papaya is a proud member of the Natural Products Association and excited to participate in the Expo East Tradeshow.

  • Can papaya support healthy weight with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle

    How To Maintain Healthy Weight During The Holidays

    Because of the fast approaching holiday season, especially Thanksgiving we are all thinking about our waistlines and how we can manage them over the next couple of months. To maintain healthy weight loss we need to remember three key concepts. One, portion size and moderation. Two, variety. Three, get moving!

    Portion Control

    One helping of pie is better than two. Just eat it slowly and enjoy it and you will feel so much better! Try taking a capsule or a tablespoon in the morning of papaya leaf extract for better digestion and to reduce bloating. Pick up a smaller plate and make yourself just have two bites of everything. Wait twenty minutes before thinking about a second plate. Drink lots of water before eating which will flush out toxins but also will help you not overeat. Sometimes out body craves sweets if we are dehydrated. Stay hydrated and it will help you with portion control and overeating.

    Variety, taste the rainbow

    Make sure your plate contains at least 1-2 servings of something raw or al-dente. Sometimes we overeat and over consume due to the minerals and nutrients we are not getting from overcooked and over processed foods. If your family does not bring anything raw in the fruit and veggie department make sure you are the one bringing that dish. Salads, fruit platters, veggie platters, raw spring rolls, raw salsas, hummus all of these items will work. If your body is receiving the nutrients it deserves your cravings will be less. Think colorful vibrant raw food! Don't forget papaya is an amazing digestion fruit but also contains antioxidants and beta-carotene. Eating these foods will help us all maintain a healthy weight during this season.

    I like to move it

    Walk walk walk! Get someone in your family to do some walking before and after you eat. Even if it's going outside to watch the kids make a thanksgiving fort! If we stuff our faces and don't stay active and then increase our alcohol and sugar content that is a recipe for disaster. It's no wonder that November - January is the biggest months for increased old and flu cases and other illnesses. This is the time to take a cup of papaya mint tea with you on your walk to help break down the proteins of the smoked turkey you just ate! Staying active will help us to maintain healthy weight during the holidays!

    Using Papaya in Your Holiday Recipes

    Last year I did something crazy! I added two tablespoons of papaya leaf liquid  extract to my Thanksgiving Turkey brine. Oh man! Was it SOOOOO delicious and guess what? It was the most moist, most tender melt in your mouth turkey I have EVER made. Everyone was happy and asking for the secret recipe! Make your brine as usual and just add 1-2 TBLS of liquid papaya leaf extract, you won't be disappointed.

    Try this one as well.

    Papaya Recipe: Holiday Papaya Cider:

    1 papaya leaf tea bag per serving
    1 cup of boiling water per tea bag
    1 cinnamon stick per 10 cups (smaller pieces for smaller portions)
    1-2 cloves
    1 tsp maple syrup or agave (diabetes friendly)

    Boil water in a large sauce pot. Pull off stove when starts to bubble. Add teabags, cinnamon stick, and cloves. Let stoop 5-10 minutes. Add your syrup after to taste. Stir and strain. Serve in glass jar or pitcher when cooled and drink hot or chilled. Whipped Cream and sprinkle cinnamon optional. More dessert recipes click here.

  • Healthy Babies & Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month

    This month's awareness got me to thinking about how we as mothers can help our babies stay healthy. One thing that is easy to do is have an alcohol pregnancy and make sure during breastfeeding years you are aware of your alcohol intake.

    There is a great blog post on this here:  The National Healthy Babies, Healthy Mothers Coalition has lots of great tips for healthy babies.

    Another thing that is quite simple is monitoring you diet. Make sure you are getting tons of dark leafy greens, orange fruits and vegetables, folic acid foods, and remember to taste the rainbow! Omegas like DHA and EPA high in Omega 3 are also essential. Papaya fruit and leaf can be taken during pregnancy, labor, postpartum and breastfeeding. Make sure you are taking the correct dose during your pregnancy. You can increase the dosage of this amazing superfruit as you get closer to your due date.

    Healthy babies are made in the womb, yes, but even before you conceive you can prepare your body to make the most healthy baby. Want to know how? By doing these 5 things before consumption:

    1. Stop drinking alcohol three months before you start trying

    2. Eat a diet rich in omegas, folic acid, and dark leafy greens

    3. Take out simple sugars and empty starches

    4. Buy Organic, pesticides interact with your hormones!

    5. Walk everyday or ecersise 3 times a week for 40 minutes

    Dad can help too! There are supplements and diet changes that help a man's fertility and it will help the health of your child also and reduce certain birth defects!

    Pregnancy loss is very difficult and hard to deal with, especially if you don't know the cause. Here are some tips to prevent pregnancy loss that you have control over;

    1. Stop smoking

    2. Stop drinking

    3. Stop taking illegal drugs

    4. Check your prescription drugs

    5. Know the risks of surgery during pregnancy

    6. Monitor your cycles and know when you ovulate

    7. Eat Healthy and Stay Fit!

    8. Get an Annual every year to monitor your fertilty health

    9. Keep your hormones balanced

    10. Don't use scented tampons, pads or vaginal douches

    11. Try to remain calm and lead a stress reduced lifestyle

    Happy Pregnancy! Happy Birth! Happy Baby!

  • Fall Papaya Recipe - Papayalicious

    x15974081Roasted Papaya with Coconut Sugar


    2 tablespoons light-coconut sugar or palm sugar
    1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
    2 medium Solo papayas or organic papayas(14 ounces each), halved lengthwise and seeded
    1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

    1/4 teaspoon roasted cumin seeds (done in a cast iron)
    1 lemon, cut into 4 wedges


    STEP 1

    Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Stir together sugar and ginger in a small bowl. Arrange papaya halves, cut sides up, in a 10-by-13-inch baking dish. Sprinkle sugar mixture evenly over halves.

    STEP 2

    Bake, brushing papaya edges with melted sugar mixture (might have to do a few times), until mixture is bubbling and papaya edges are beginning to brown, 35 to 40 minutes.

    STEP 3

    Sprinkle each serving with a pinch of cayenne and cumin seeds. Serve with lemon wedges. Eat as a side dish or as main course.

  • Fall Immunity - Top Five Tips

    stock-footage-farmer-harvesting-papaya-fruitTop Five Tips

    For your fall immunity this year we have found the top five tips most natural health providers are recommending this year!

    Boosting your immune system proactively is the best way because then you don't have to work so hard when something does hit your body. You will be sicker less and the times when a cold or flu does get through you can reduce that length of time.


    1. C-Boosters: Papaya Leaf & High Vitamin C Foods

    High vitamin c foods like papaya and papaya leaf are full of vitamin c and antioxidants. These little guys help you get rid of free radicals and dead cells. They take out the "trash" within your body. Imagine little garbage collectors if you will! Other high vitamin C foods include: papaya, potatoes, citrus foods, berries, dark leafy greens, cruiciferous vegetables, and most melons. Vitamin C helps you absorb iron which is great for your hair, skin, nails and energy. In combination take Vitamin A and E which help Vitamin C absorb better. Guess what? Papaya has E and A too! A-mazing for your fall immunity!

    fall immunity fall immunity

    2. Anti-Virals: Oregano Oil and Olive Leaf

    Using this as an oral supplement or finding this in an essential oil is a must have in your medicine cabinet. You can rub on your feet or spine or take orally. This oil is great for fighting candida in your body, boosting your immune system and has anti-viral properties. If you can't find Oregano, olive leaf is it's great substitute.

    3. Clean Water: All H20 is not alike

    I can't say this enough for your fall immunity. WATER is so important. Drink at least half your body weight of water in ounces. The first thing you should do, after washing your mouth out, when you wake up is drink 8 oz of water (before you coffee please). Filtered water and RO water is great but distilled (like cloud water) is the best. It's pure H20. It is "hungry" water and is great at getting the "bad minerals" and toxins out of your body. You don't have to worry about minerals in your water. You can purchase trace minerals or take a combination of iodized salt and celtic or pink salt. Getting minerals out of your food should be enough also. Make sure you have a natural anti-viral in your medicine cabinet. It's a great help for fall immunity.

    4. Rays of Light: Sunlight or Vitamin D

    Ok summer is over. Hopefully you have enough vitamin D stored up from all that laying out at the beach. Most of us don't get enough sun during the summer though. So taking a D supplement, although I don't recommend taking vitamin supplements, is one that is recommended. D3 is the best. There aren't any D3 vegan sources and sorry folks but D3 is the best. D from mushrooms is great however those suffering from candida should shy way from this.

    Reaching up5. Mind and Body

    Making sure your body is ready for fall immunity, you must do these three things. It's also great for mood, morale, reducing diseases, and fights depression.

    1. Exercise
    Sweating out toxins and building strong muscle and bones is important for your immune system. 

    2. Journaling, Meditation, or Prayer

    These three things have been shown to better your immune system when groups of individuals were polled. Twenty minutes a day of doing one of these things can improve your immune system. Why? When you let go of your worries, fears and conflicts you are allowing your body to recover and your mind to be at ease.

    3. Good Rest

    Getting at least 8 hours of sleep (or less for some people) can improve your immune system. At night your body and mind repair itself on a cellular level. Make sure you are getting rested. Here is a great study on the matter.

    Taking charge of your fall immunity should not be overwhelming. Take baby steps and try putting new routines in one at a time.

    Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. Co-Founder Herbal Papaya. Founder of DAWN Foundation and North Texas Doulas. You can find her on Google+

  • Immunity For the Upcoming School Year

    Photo Courtesy of:

    It's back to school time! Weather you are doing public, private or homeschool it's that time of year when bugs hit their high. What can you do for immunity for the upcoiming school year? Plenty!

    Here's How You Can Keep Your Family Healthy in Six Easy Steps

    1. Water

    Make sure the main source of liquid in your child's diet is water. Purest you can find. How does your water stack up? Make sure it's filtered or from a pure source. Distilled or Reverse Osmosis is best. The least amount of chlorine, bacteria and other chemicals found in tap water the best! Make sure to set a reminder to change your water filters on your tap and fridge! Water is life. Water flushed out toxins and hydrates your cells. Keep hydrated this school season.

    2. Vitamin C Source

    Vitamin C sources from whole foods is best because it will be more readily absorbed. Yes vitamin C supplements boast about more mg per dose but it's an isolate of the the vitamin c molecule and not WHOLE vitamin C. Baked potatoes, citrus fruit, papaya, green herbs, and berries are high in vitamin c. RAW is best but when you can't do raw then lightly steamed is the next best thing. Vitamin C increases when you cook a potato! Who knew?

    3. Zinc

    Again, don't take a supplement unless you don't have access to nuts, beans and whole foods in your area. Many seeds also carry this wonderful vitamin. Raw sunflower seeds and papaya have zinc!!! Zinc helps with immunity and helps fight off unwanted illness.

    4. Fish Oil/Omegas

    There are some great sources for omegas including: flax, borage, sea buckthorne, hemp, salmon oil, cod liver fish oil, and lambs quarters. Many of these plants you can grow in your flower bed. We grow our own flax and lambs quarters and they are drought friendly too! Omegas keep your brain healthy, lubricate your joints and ligaments and supports a healthy heart! Why did I include this in immunity? Because a healthy heart and brain are just as important, especially for the school year.

    5. Sunlight and Working Out

    Ten minutes of sunlight at peak hours (11 am to 2 pm) will increase your vitamin D and also lowers your chance of depression and moodiness. Sunlight is also good for your eyes and waking yourself up! Working out those muscles and staying active is really important for your immunity. Sweating gets rid of toxins in the body that would not be able to escape through your waste. A healthy heart is always important. Fresh blood being pumped through your body refreshes your entire system. Staying flexible and fit (even kids) will help ward off illnesses due to being stationary. Kids with obesity are ill more often and have more doctor visits.

    6. Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is one of those things that I would recommend supplementing because we just can't get enough unless you are outdoors from 11-2 in your birthday suit every day. Find a good D3 source that is kosher and that you trust! Vitamin D helps with immunity and can really help you stay well. Sometimes you can find a D3 and Omega supplement paired together for kids. Perfect!

    I'll leave you with some amazing BENTO Box Lunch Ideas! Other moms will be jealous!!!

    Immunity Bento box

  • Post Workout Papaya Smoothie Recipe (after high demand)

    #herbalpapaya #papayasmoothie #postworkout

    So after high demand here is my post workout protein papaya smoothie!!!

    You will need:

    1/2 cup to 1 cup fresh or frozen peak season papaya chunks
    1/2 Tablespoon Papaya Leaf Extract (optional) - for extra enzyme action
    2 cups liquid (water, coconut milk/almond milk or SuperPapaya Wellness Juice-Now AVAILABLE)
    1-2 Servings Vegan Protein Powder (Plain or Vanilla)
    1/2 - 1 cup GREENS frozen or fresh (Spinach, kale, collard, lambs quarters)
    1 TBL Flax Milled (OMEGAS!!!)
    1 TBL agave, grade B maple syrup or stevia packet

    Pulse a few times, and then blend for 30-40 seconds until smooth and creamy!!!
    Enjoy in a glass mason jar or cup (keep your plastic contact to a minimum as it messes with your hormones!).

    What is this good for after a workout you say?

    Papaya: dead cell removal, break down food, digestion, immunity, cell repair, vitamins and minerals and energy.

    Extract: Cell regulation, blood support, healthy cells, immunity boost, and lower bowel support.

    SuperPapaya Wellness Drink: immunity, antioxidants, nutrition, and vitamin C.

    Protein: after a workout your muscles cells break down, give your workout a post boost with vegan protein!

    Greens: Chlorophyll, need I say more? Pure oxygen back into your cells! Replenish your blood supply.

    Omegas: healthy brain, healthy heart!


  • Education This Summer Sizzles in Africa

    education education

    Education is believably the most important thing a person can do before they leave this life. For, WISDOM GIVETH LIFE. This summer, once again, the WAAW Foundation has successfully ended the summer education season. This included a 2014 Computing, Robotics and Renewable Energy Summer Camp and The Foundation's STEM fellows from South Africa, Uganda, Malawi and Kenya attended the 2014 East Africa Fellows Summit and Computer training in Brook house school, Nairobi, Kenya. — in Nairobi Area, Kenya.

    The 2014 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Camp for 32 secondary school girls in Lekki-Lagos, Nigeria was also an amazing success and in light of what has happened in Nigeria, it was inspiring to be updated on all the stories and success of the camp and trip.

    10% of the profits from your purchases at Herbal Papaya goes to support education for girls and the WAAW Foundation and we are so excited to be part of this wonderful endeavor.

    You can find out more about the WAAW Foundation at their facebook and website pages. To support the WAAW Foundation or to apply for a scholarship please visit: here.

  • Vitamin C As A Whole

    This is Part 2 on the series on whole herbs vs. isolates (using Vitamin C as an example).

    Since papaya leaf, fruit and seed has over 100% daily value of vitamin C I thought we could use this as an example. This series will be a four part series to explain the benefits of whole herbs and how to use them correctly and effectively. 

    OK, natural vs. isolate. Many chemists, medical doctors, companies and products equate vitamin C with ascorbic acid, as though they were the same thing. This just isn't so. Ascorbic acid is an isolate, a fraction, a distillate of naturally occurring vitamin C. In addition to ascorbic acid, vitamin C must include rutin, bioflavonoids, Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, Tyrosinase, Ascorbinogen, and other components as shown in the image in this post.

    This is like giving you less than half of a product when you order something. You expected to get a whole phone but they only sent the battery! What? This won't work! Every year we learn more about vitamin c and we are still discovering new nutrients in vitamins that were not detectable before. Who knows what we will discover in the future.

    So when choosing a vitamin or herbal supplement, especially for vitamin C, please remember to look for a whole herb, whole food, or whole vitamin source.

    For next time I will be discussing using whole herb supplements together to get more out of your supplements. For example calcium and vitamin C together working as a team. Next we will discuss cleansing and having your gut ready to except and absorb nutrients more efficiently.

  • Difference Between Whole Herbs and Isolate

    Since papaya leaf has over 100% of vitamin C daily value, let's start there...why we here at Herbal Papaya only do WHOLE FOOD and WHOLE HERB Supplements, Juices and Teas.

    Lets talk about the difference between whole herbs and isolate. So, in the 1930's, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C, made into an isolate) is discovered. Yay vitamin C! They discovered that it demonstrates a positive effect on scurvy. The research is published, and educated people say that vitamin C is ascorbic acid, and that it does everything that vitamin C can do. At that time they thought they had it all solved and figured out.

    Some time passes and then Rutin is discovered. It turns out to be part of a vitamin C complex. Why is it important? In order for vitamin C to strengthen the capillary walls, it needs this "rutin" to be present or it doesn't work. Okay, so maybe then they had it all figured out, right?

    Wrong, next, J factors are discovered. Vitamin C only will enhance the oxygen carrying capacity of the cells if they are present. Okay, surely now?

    Wait...Then a copper enzyme is discovered, then it turns out vitamin C will work loads more effectively with vitamin E and A, and... well, it goes on and on. Strangely enough, this incredibly fragile and delicate balance has always been present organically bound together in whole foods, such as a papaya or papaya leaf.

    Science is just begging to understand the whys of how everything was put together. Sometimes it take many generations to get the whole picture. What the conclusion is in the end almost every time is that if we mess with the creation and nature it won't be as good as the original. Whole herbs and isolate varieties are not equal.

    Today we seem to have more knowledge about nutrition and health than ever before. Go to a supermarket or health food store in America, and you find boxes and boxes of food, all with a nutritional profile. Here is the kicker for those processed foods: most of our food has now been fortified (that means nutrition "added" back). It is not uncommon to find juices, cereals and other foods fortified so that the label displays a beautiful ‘100%’ for your recommended daily value of nutrition. Wait, why do we need to add things back? When you cook food or process it, the nutrition is depleted or completely removed.

    If we take the label on the box's word for it, the fortified stuff might be 50 times more nutritious than the same amount of fruit! Wait, so why are we so malnourished? We do not have a food shortage issue in this country, however we do have starvation, even in obese individuals.

    Doctors, nutrition experts and so called medically trained individuals tell us there is no difference between vitamins in fruit and isolate chemically made vitamins. Also there is no difference in the sugars on the market compared to fruit sugar. They go on further to say that the chemical isolate is better because it's not mixed up with all that other "junk".

    With scientific methods getting more precise and our detection devices more sensitive were finding out more and more about our foods and finding smaller microscopic parts we couldn't find before. Information is constantly changing as they find our more year to year about whole herbs and isolates.

    Key note: Most of our food is fortified with ascorbic acid until it can display a proud 100% Daily Value on the label. Remember though, ascorbic acid is only part of vitamin C. In fact, it is simply the protective shell around vitamin C lacking the incredibly critical content! That's like having a vehicle with no engine, tires, radiator or other components, but giving it a frame and a paint job and saying its 100% effective and ready to roll.

    Consuming really whole foods and using only whole herb supplements can really make a difference. One important difference in absorption rate. Inorganic isolates can only have a 10% absorption rate while whole herb and foods have a 90-100% absorption rate. This can only be achieved (in either case) with a clean lower bowel.

    So what is the point? What we really need are whole herbs and foods. We find that most institutions and companies that claim to be the authorities on health and nutrition are lobbied, and have an agendas that makes it impossible for them to offer unbiased information. These same authorities will even say that nutrition has nothing to do with disease. So you can eat all the meat, pizza and dairy you want, as long as you take a multivitamin made from petrochemicals. (NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Hopefully now you will read those labels more carefully and know the difference between whole herbs and isolate.

    Here is a documentary list that will help explain the benefits of whole foods/herbs:

    Forks over Knives

    Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

    Super Juice Me

    Seeds of Deception

    Future of Food

    Food, Inc.

    Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. You can find her on Google+


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