Organic Graviola Tea (Soursop) Leaf - Mango 24 Tea Bags

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Mango Graviola green tea combines the nutritional goodness of Graviola with the flavor of perfectly ripened sweet mangoes. 

This premium blend delivers a sweet taste with a creamy-dry finish and a floral aroma that will take you to a land far away. Naturally caffeinated to give you a boost, this tea is perfect for a morning kick-start, or a mid-day boost. 

Graviola leaves naturally support healthy cell-growth and function. Graviola has also been used for its calming effects and as a supplement to help maintain a positive mood.  Breath in the tropical flavors of this premium tea as you warm your soul with the goodness of a healthier, happier day. 

Our best Graviola has been bulk-dried and packaged in individual tea bags to ensure the freshest tea possible in every cup you drink. It’s our way of saying we care.

So share a cup with a friend today!


Brewing Instructions

Because we care, we want you to get the  most out of your cup of tea. 

To get the maximum benefit, your Graviola tea must be properly prepared.

  • Bring water to a flash boil.  
  • Pour into cup over tea bag.  
  • Steep 2-3 minutes.  
  • Serve with honey, pure cane sugar, or your favorite sweetener.  
  • This product is also excellent served over ice! 

We are committed to bringing you only the most premium products available worldwide. With our world class customer service team and the highest premium quality product possible, we know you will fall in love with our product and our company.

*Consult your physician before adding this or any supplement to your daily routine. Stop taking this product as soon as possible if you develop any negative symptoms. Do not take if pregnant.

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