Ripe Papaya Fruit Powder, 100% non-GMO - 4oz


Ripe papaya fruit powder - 100% non-GMO 4oz pouch from Herbal papaya is the perfect addition to your smoothies, juices and tropical blends. Use also improve your skin and aid digestive system.
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Skin Protection: 

  • Ripe papaya has nutrients that may work to protect skin against free radicals that are known to cause damage leading to wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. 
  • The enzyme papain, found in the fruit's skin, breaks down dead skin cells and helps promote cell renewal when used topically. This process is believed to improve texture, elasticity, and appearance of your skin. Some spas use the skin to assist in skin problems such as acne, blemishes, and age spots. 


  • Your eyes will love our papaya powder! Papaya fruit has phytonutrients that are concentrated by your body in the macular region of your eyes. Here they provide protection against both UV and high energy blue light that can damage our eye’s retinas and are involved in fine detail perception.


  • Papaya fruit has nutrients that can help to improve blood flow.   


  • Papaya fruit may improve digestion by breaking down proteins into their individual amino acids. This process will aid in digestion and leave you feeling good.

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