Retailer and Health Professional Program

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Thank you for your interest in Herbal Papaya, the #1 manufacturer of papaya and graviola health and wellness products. Our robust, quick, easy and profitable Retailer and Health Professional Program offers up to 55% mark up on your wholesale purchases plan a low introductory minimum order of $300.

Browse our extensive product line of supplements, herbal teas, smoothie powders, detox powders, refrigerated smoothies and consumables. Join today and provide your customers with trusted products that are 100% USDA Organic certified,  non GMO project verified, Fair-Trade, Kosher-Certified and manufactured in an FDA inspected and approved facilities in the U.S.A.

Our exclusive focus on papaya and graviola products along with our years of experience researching and exploring papaya, graviola and other tropical fruits makes us experts in our field.

Join our Retailer and Health Professional Program today, where your order is backed with 100% customer care and on going support, retailer marketing and product information material, fast shipping and our unconditional, 100% Satisfaction or money back Guarantee.

We support our retailers with a wide array of web and social marketing efforts, sales collateral, webinars, POS materials and even editorial content to fill your newsletters, news feeds and social posts. Our in-house Sales & Marketing team will work with you 1:1 to help you develop, execute, market and fulfill the best retailer program that fits your needs and ensures we increase traffic to your store and improve your revenue stream.

Welcome to Herbal Papaya’s Wellness Provider Community, a wholesale community built around offering the best of Herbal Papaya products and Healthy Living content to customers, clients and patients world-wide.

Enroll as FREE Member and Enjoy All the Benefits

  • Wholesale discount up to 40% on all single products listed on our website.
  • Easily attainable $300 wholesale order minimum
  • 60 Day Buy-Back Guarantee
  • Dedicated sales and marketing support for all your questions and concerns
  • Online Product and Healthy Living Information Library
  • Free eBooks
  • Sales Materials and Collateral
  • Videos, Webinars and MORE to sharpen your knowledge
  • Order Direct and Check Shipping Status
  • Special Offers and Incentives
  • Fast Shipping
  • Available Product Samples

Who Can Enroll?

All US and Canada based, holistic, alternative or natural medicine practitioners, medical offices, health coaches, dietitians, fitness trainers, wellness practitioners, chiropractors and retail location with a physical brick and mortar location/s.  

What Are You Waiting For

We'd love to introduce ourselves learn more about you and your business! Fill out the form below or call 18008204829 and one of our team members will be in touch to discuss additional details and requirements for joining Herbal Papaya’s Wellness Provider Community.

Our Commitment To Quality

Herbal Papaya provides premium quality organic papaya products, world-wide, to support healthy living and impact the lives of our customers. We educate and inspire individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle and explore the benefits of natural products, especially about the high nutritional and natural qualities found in papaya and graviola.

Because we absolutely need to know the quality and sources of the ingredients we use in our products, we develop and maintain direct and deep relationships with our farmers and build partnerships to support our suppliers, retailers and customers. The team at Herbal Papaya continues to dedicate their life to sourcing and producing the highest quality papaya and graviola products. Our customers trust us because we consistently work hard to bring them the best papaya and graviola products without ever compromising our standards. 

Top Converting Offers

Papaya Leaf Extracts (Liquid and Capsules)

Papaya Leaf Teas

Papaya Seed Powders & Extract

Graviola (Soursop) Products

From Our Farms To Your Home

Our products are from organic, non GMO papayas cultivated in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, making them more economically viable for our farmers. We ensure that our ingredients are always of the highest, most natural and flavorful quality. From the papaya and graviola trees in our farms to your homes, we pay special attention to every process our super fruits go through to ensure our customers have the best quality products.


  • We are 100% women-owned and run by a team of people who love healthy living.
  • We give 10% of profits to support education for girls in Africa.
  • We are green, care about our environment and use recycled materials where available.
  • We are a proud member of the Integrative Health Association and the Natural Products Association.

herbal papaya accreditations

Our Values

It is important you know that our company culture places high value on honesty, integrity and respect. As a company founded on biblical principles, we strive always for the highest ethical standards and we will simply not compromise on our quality and our principles.

Program Highlights

  • Up to 55% mark up on wholesale prices 
  • Quick verification and approval process
  • Low Minimum Order of $300
  • Engaging editorial content for newsletters.
  • High Customer Average Order Value ($100+).
  • Dedicated Sales and Marketing Executive to support our retailers and health professionals.

Wholesale Partner – HP 100% Happiness Guarantee

60 day herbal papaya buy back guarantee
At Herbal Papaya your business and those you serve are important to us. We want to make it easy and risk-free for you to provide your customers, patients and clients with Herbal Papaya’s pure, honest, reliable and safe Graviola and Papaya herbal wellness products. It is at the core of everything we do so we back every wholesale order with our HP 100% Buy Back Guarantee. If anything you purchase fails to meet your expectations in any way, just let us know and we’ll refund your purchase. No hassles, no hoops, no kidding. Plus, any items that have not moved off your shelves after 60 days, we will take them back or exchange them out for products that move or sell better for your business.

  1. Customers may return unopened items purchased from Herbal Papaya for any reason within 60 (sixty) days of purchase. This excludes special orders, raw ingredients, or bulk product purchases. (Sales on these products are final.)
  2. Products are returned to the Herbal Papaya - Fulfillment Warehouse:
    Herbal Papaya - eFulfillment Returns
    807 Airport Access Road, Unit D
    Traverse City, MI USA 49686
  3. Returned products must specify customer name, contact information and order number.
  4. Shipping charges are non-refundable and return product shipping charges are the responsibility of the sender.

So that’s it. Seriously. Those are all of our “rules.” Well, except the most important one - treating our customers the way we want to be treated. So, if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do, Contact with questions, concerns or to initiate a return, exchange or refund. We are always happy to help!

Join the Herbal Papaya Retailer and Health Professional Program today with confidence. We care deeply and personally about our Retailers, encourage and listen to feedback and will work to provide you with the best service possible and tons of information and sales materials to educate and support your customers!

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herbal papaya affiliate programherbal papaya affiliate wholesale

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herbal papaya on sale