Product Knowledge

This page is an internal Herbal Papaya document used to to educate our team, sales reps and others about Herbal Papaya products and overall company.

Herbal Papaya is a brand company under the Herbal Goodness Group of Companies.

Herbal Goodness currently owns 3 brands of companies including 
Herbal Papaya - Founded 2011
Herbal Graviola - Founded 2016
Graviola Goodness - Founded 2016

Herbal Papaya Line of products include:
Papaya Leaf Liquid Extracts
Papaya Leaf Capsules
Papaya Seed Products
Papaya Leaf Herbal Teas
Papaya Fruit Powders

You can also think of our products as separated into 2 categories for retail purposes.
1. Supplements (Extracts, Capsules, - Used for medicinal benefits)
2. Consumables (Teas, Powders, Bulk Herbs - used as every day product)

What makes Papaya So Special and Unique?

1. Every part of the plant can be consumed and has health benefits:
a) Leaves are high in Papain Enzyme, Fibrin Enzyme, Vitamins C, E and K.

b) Fruit powder has less papain and fibrin than leaves but more Vitamins C, E & K. Lots of high end cosmetics products use papaya fruit powder. Great facial mask to improve acne, clear skin and rejuvenate skin. Awesome in smoothies. Low sugar content makes papaya not very sweet fruit. Tropical acquired taste.

c) Seed contains carpaine enzyme which kills parasites and their eggs, helps with detox and cleanse. 

Papaya should not be processed at high temperatures above 180 degree since that would kill off all useful enzymes in the plant! This is why we stay away from high heat and use sun drying where possible and High Pressure pasteurization when needed.

Our Top 5 best selling products are:

Product  Ave. % of $ Total Annual Sales (2016)
Papaya Leaf Extract 16oz
Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules
Papaya Leaf Tea - Original

This table helps to clarify the differences.

Refer to This product knowledge website for more details


Teas Leaf Liquid Capsules Seed FruitPowder
Category Consumable Herbal Extract Herbal Supplement Spice Consumable
Products Original, Mint, Rooibos Chai 16oz size, 1oz size Original, Blood Support  Dried Seed powder 4oz, 1oz liquid extract Ripe Powder, Green Powder
Health benefits Digestion. Contains Papain enzyme (protein digestion) and Fibrin Enzyme (blood clotting & support) Boost Blood Platelet, Immunity Boost Blood Platelet, Immunity Detox, Parasite cleanse Digestion. Immune support, Healthy Skin
How to Use Flash Boil water and steep teabag for 5 - 8 minutes. Can drink up to 3-4 cups a day. No side effects. 3 cups of tea is equivalent to one capsule of the papaya leaf extract capsule original and equivalent to one serving of the liquid extract 16 oz. Drink table spoon or drops alone or with juice, tea or beverage 2 - 3 times/day Drink 1 - 2 capsules with food  Black pepper substitute, use on salads, yogurt, smoothies, eggs. When used for detox or parasite cleanse, Use for 2 weeks consistently (morning & night) stop for 2 weeks and then use it again for another 2 weeks to kill all parasite eggs. Mix in smoothies, Mix with water for facials or topical, use for cocktails
Taste & Look Profile Bitter leaves. Mostly taken for health benefits. Rooibos Chai flavor has least bitter taste. Sweet due to Glycerin Extract base NA Slightly peppery taste similar to black pepper. Dark brown powder Papaya taste, Orange color.
Dosage Drink 2 - 3 cups/day with food. Hot or cold
Amount per container 24 teabags/box. 2g of leaves per tea bag. 32 servings/16oz bottle OR ?? per 1oz bottle 60 Capsules - 600mg/cap 4 oz pouch 4 oz pouch
Ingredients Organic Papaya Leaves (Other flavors are all organic products)* Organic Papaya leaves, Vegetable glycerin Original - Papaya Leaf Extract 10:1 (not organic), Veggie Capsules, Filler**; (2) Blood Support - Papaya Leaf Extract 10:1 (450 MG's), Wildcrafted Red Clover Blossoms, Chaparral, Leaf, Licorice root, Poke root, Oregon Grape, Root, Stillingia Root, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Sarsaparilla Root, Prickly Ash Bark, Organic, Buckthorn bark, Burdock root, Peach Leaf Organic Papaya Seed Powder. papaya powder, anti-caking stabilizer Tapioca powder
How it is made Sun dried leaves are blended to the right Tea Bag Cut (TBC) size, sifted with a mesh and packed into tea bags Proprietary process using Glycerin to extract and encapsulate active ingredients. cannot  disclosed actual process. Normal process for making capsules. $:1 Extract is encapsulated Sun dried seeds are powdered and packed into pouches.

Either (a) Freeze dried fruit is powdered or (b) fruit is dehydrated in dryer, powdered and anti-caking agent is added to prevent caking.

Where it is made? USA - NSF, Organic, FDA Facility in Nevada USDA inspected facility in Utah NSF certified facility in New York USA - NSF, Organic, FDA Facility in Nevada USA - NSF, Organic, FDA Facility in Nevada
Shelf Life  3 years  4+ years 3 years 3 years 2 years
Certifications USDA certified by OTCO. Non GMO certification in process. Kosher.  Kosher (Made with organic Papaya leaves and vegetable inorganic Gylcerin) USDA certified by OTCO. Non GMO certification in process. Kosher.  Kosher
Gluten? Gluten Free Gluten Free Not Gluten Free Gluten Free Gluten Free
Spec Sheets


To learn about each product watch the videos.


Frequently Asked Product Questions

Papaya Seed

What does the Papaya Seed Powder taste like? Papaya seed powder tastes like mild black pepper

 What is the difference in benefits between the papaya seed extract liquid and the seed powder? None. There is no difference in benefits between the two products. They both aid with removing toxins and cleansing the liver.  Also used for parasite cleanse and dewormer.  It’s primarily based on method of intake whether seed powder for use in a smoothie, salad or yogurt using the seed powder.  Or the extract to taking it as a medicine with the droplets each day. If taken as recommended they have the same effect.

Are the seeds used in your products from ripe or unripe papayas? All papaya seed products are made from ripe papayas.

Papaya Leaf

What is the difference between your 1 oz Papaya Leaf Extract and 16 oz Papaya Leaf Extract? The 1oz. papaya leaf extract is more concentrated so you don’t have to take as much. If you take the recommended dose for each you will get the same strength. The 1 oz. bottle was really made for travel size and has less servings. The 16 oz. bottle has approx.. 30 day supply.

What do the tea products taste like? Teas - Bitter

What would you recommend to sweeten the loose leaf / herbal teas? Honey or Stevia, monk fruit or any sweetener of your choice.

How much Vitamin C is in the 16 oz. liquid extract? There has not been any nutritional study on our products to confirm the vitamin content. You may however refer to the nutritional content of a papaya as reference.

 What species of Papaya Leaf do we use? Our papaya leaf is imported from non-gmo, organic farms that grow Carica Papayas. These papayas are tropically grown. We import the Organic papaya varieties that include Red Lady, Maradol and ??.

What are the benefits of drinking the tea? support blood platelet function.    maintain healthy immunity.    support digestion.    boost energy and vitality



What does the Green papaya powder products taste like?

A:  The green papaya powder slightly  sweet... but not as sweet as the ripe powder.

  1. What does the Ripe papaya powder products taste like?

A: the ripe papaya powder is deliciously sweet as the ripe powder

 What does the Graviola Fruit powder products taste like? The graviola powder is sweet and has a slight malt flavor to it.

 Is there any Gluten Within The Green Papaya, graviola powder? The powdered products are gluten-free

 What’s the difference between green papaya powder and papaya seed powder? What are their uses What is the anti caking agent used in the powders? Tapioca powder is the anticaking used in the green papaya powder

General Company Information

 Is there a storefront at your business address?

A: No our business address has no products available for sale you can purchase directly from us online through our website or

 What is the minimum purchase requirement for retailers? Our wholesale partners are welcome to purchase any type and quantity of products.However, the  total per order must be $300 or more to benefit from the wholesale price.   

 Are you patented/ licensed to sell internationally?   We are licensed to sell in Canada. No where else. We are not looking for international distributors at this time.

 May I sell your products on my website? No unless specially approved by our Sales and Marketing Team. As we are already an online seller, we prefer if wholesalers/retailers not compete with our prices as per the MAP policy and

Where do I find the expiration date on the product? At the back of the label or stamped on the bottle.

Should products be taken on an empty stomach or with food? They may be taken anytime but most customers find them easier to digest after meals

What product is most popular with our customers? Our top sellling products are Papaya Leaf extract, teas and capsules

Where does the raw product come from? Our primary raw materials are sourced from Central / South America and Sri Lanka

 How much can i expect my platelets to increase and how long will it take? The FDA prohibits us from claiming that papaya leaf can cure, treat, or prevent any type of disease or ailment. As with adding any new supplement to your daily routine, the FDA also requests that we direct you to consult your healthcare or primary care physician. of our products. Customers have said they found improvements after testing when they take the products for 6 - 8 weeks

 I am pregnant and / or lactating should I take the products to improve my platelet counts? We always recommend that persons in this category seek advice from their primary health care provider

Can I use the product to increase my platelets / to cure my leukemia / to cure my lung cancer? Any time a customer requests information regarding medicinal use, or disease related questions, we always start with the disclaimer:

"The FDA prohibits us from claiming that papaya leaf can cure, treat, or prevent any type of disease or ailment.  As with adding any new supplement to your daily routine, the FDA also requests that we direct you to consult your healthcare or primary care physician."