Process-Admin & Operations


NOTE: On all systems be sure to use the HP company account logins and not personal accounts/apps.  The company account packages are different with different permissions access, and functionality.

Oversee processes/systems for proper functionality -- phone system, email system, ASANA and Slack systems.

Share Google Drive and Dropbox folders and receive shared folders from CEO for all Admin/Operation needs

Share company ASANA and Slack login credentials with team and ensure that the systems are functioning properly.

Share Amazon login account credentials with proper managers and employees to ensure oversight and monitoring across all Amazon channels (US, UK, CA).

NOTE: When logging into Amazon Seller, be sure to note in the upper right corner in the drop down menu which country's Amazon account you are working in (i.e .com, .uk, .ca, etc).  It may also be necessary to open different amazon seller accounts in different browsers, as Amazon doesn't allow for crossover account access under the same account and browser.

Share Zendesk login information - customer service
Share EFS login information - in order to see customer orders and shipments
Share Shopify Login information - in order to view sales and handle customer refund requests

Sales Tax

Certifications - non GMO Certification Process & Documents

Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs)

Labelling Requirements


Certifications - OTCO - Organic Certification Process
Handle all communication and conclude certifications for Health Canada and nonGMO/ organic in conjunction with CEO.

Website for OTCO certification:

We do not currently have any client logins (we aren’t far enough in the process to get one)

They can be reached directly at:

Phone | 503.378.0690
Toll Free | 1.877.378.0690
Email |
Fax | 541.753.4924

There is a list set up in ASANA for the process. (It’s listed as OTCO)

The OTCO folder in Google Drive has 2 sub-folders titled "Handlers" and "Crops" for the forms that have been uploaded and/or complete. Each sub-folder has a checklist of corresponding forms to be completed in that category.

Create SoPs, training documents, etc

Administrative and Executive Support Tasks

  1. Sign documents on CEO behalf. (This may require you download a .pdf fill/sign program onto your computer.  Please google search for one if you do not already have one).
  2. Create Monthly, Quarterly and Annual metrics/analytics and report during weekly team calls.
  3. Ensure Scorecard is done and completed by everyone for reporting at our weekly staff meeting every Friday.
  4. Send weekly reminder of Staff meeting, to include links to Scorecard, Instagram folders, and Zoom meeting links.  Here's a sample email
  5. Set up weekly team Zoom meeting and distribute link for everyone to use.  Receive admin permissions/login to HP Zoom account.  Use the HP account to set up calls, not a personal account/app.  The HP account ensures that the call will not time out and shut off after 30 minutes.
  6. Remind team to send a weekly, Thursday email to CEO of any unresolved/pending items from the week in one email and put the words "WEEKLY PENDING ISSUES" in the subject line. 
  7. Update website and departmental process documents as needed using Shopify
  8. Monitor quality control, inventory tracking, shipping issues, and metrics across all platforms for accurate analytics.
  9. Set up Ring Central, oversee routine log maintenance, and handle any troubleshooting problems.


Ring Central Management with Admin Privileges:
Log into Ring Central on your computer HERE

1.  Must have admin permission to change settings in Ring Central. 

2.  Changing the call ordering must occur in 2 settings:

First: Click on "auto receptionist" tab, the choose "operator extensions" drop down menu, and click the circle beside the name of the person to receive the calls.  CLICK SAVE AT THE BOTTOM.

Second: Click on the "9 groups" tab, choose the green dot beside "customer service," choose call handling drop down menu, choose "specify fixed order" drop down, hold down your mouse to the right of the person's name and slide their name to the top of the order.  CLICK SAVE AT THE BOTTOM.

3.  The "Auto Receptionist" button is where the main company changes are made for holiday greetings, company voicemail recording, call hours, etc.  Here's the step-by-step on how to set "Auto Receptionist" for Holidays

4.  The "9 Groups 2 Others" tab is where employees can be assigned to a specific call group by department.

5.  The "8 Users" tab is where individual employee details/profiles are established for phone number forwarding with mobile vs home, etc.

6.  The top tab "Company Numbers and Info" includes the company account information, main 800 number, etc.

7.  Tabs along the top, "Call Log, Billing, Tools & Reports" allow for more detailed account troubleshooting and call metrics. 

Efulfillment Services - System Monitoring/Input as Needed:

* WAREHOUSE AUTO SHIP process is here.  When we create promotional materials and need it placed in every order going out the door for any given amount of time, this is the process that we follow.  


*BACK ORDERS watch video

Creating Support Tickets in Efulfillment:

1.  Create a separate login in the Zendesk system.  You can go to the Client Dashboard page in the control panel and click on the link in the quick links box to the left for "Create a Support Ticket."  OR  You can send a regular email to

2.  It will take you to the "sign in" page.  In the upper right corner it will say to either "sign up" or "sign in."  Choose "sign up" and set up your account.  You can use the same log information as the Fulfillment Control Panel log in that was created during your on employment on boarding process.

Organize and set up for Expo's

1.  Assist in organization, hiring, and travel arrangements for various Expo's that Herbal Papaya attends.  Trade Shows

Our largest Expo of the year is EXPO EAST

Expo East   Please go to the Exhibitor Login Page and use your password to login.
Password: 139BAFAFFE5


 Creating training videos:

Steps to creating a training video are here