Welcome to Herbal Papaya!

We are excited to have you join our team and look forward to working with you! Below are instructions to setting up your accounts. Please follow the instructions below and you will be up and running in no time!


You have access to a corporate email account for your work. Use your company email for all and only work-related communication. If you have not already done so, visit this link to view and sign our Information Technology policy.

Unless otherwise stated by your supervisor, your email address will be:

username:   (*username is the full email address)
Initial passwordFirstname123$    (*password starts with a capital letter, followed by small letters)

Change your password as soon as you log in the first time. Do not share your password and no one else should have access to your personal email. 

To Access Your Email
Go to or, enter your username and password. The preferred mail reader application is “Round Cube* but you can use any of the other 2 email readers .

Setting Up Your Email on an Email Client like Outlook
You will find instructions on how to configure your email client to download emails from our email server when you log into your email. To see this, Click on the configure mail client icon and get the incoming and outgoing SMTP  server address. You will need authentication on the outgoing server.

Always select to delete a copy of your emails from the server to avoid running out of space. Also select the option "Remove from server when deleted from deleted items".

To set up a new email account in outlook, click here.

Incoming mail server (same as outgoing) :
Incoming mail (IMAP ) port 993  (POP2) port 110
Outgoing mail (SMTP) port 465  (try port 587 if the other one does'nt work)

In the "Advanced" tab to change your outgoing email client port number to the correct port number above or you can also check your webmail settings to get this number. Select the "Leave a copy of messages on server". Delete from server when deleted. Click the "OK" button.


When done, select the "Test Account Settings ..." button to send and receive a test email and ensure that the setup up is working correctly. Under the "outgoing server" tab, select "My outgoing mail server SMTP requires authentication" and select the "use same settings as my incoming mail server" as shown in the image below. Click the OK button.

Set Up Your Email Signature
Set up your signature similar to what is shown below. You an download the logo from below to use in your email signature.

Your Full Name
Your Position/Designation
Herbal Papaya Logo
101 E Park Blvd, Suite 600, Plano TX 75074 |
Phone: 1800-820-4829   | Fax: 1888-519-4269
"LIKE" us on facebook: 
"FOLLOW" us on twitter

*You can download all images required for your signature including our logo, our certifications and social media icons by clicking here. The file is a zip file containing all images you need.

Setting Up Email Signature in Roundcube Webmail
See the link below on direction on how to do this if you are interested.

Here are the steps to follow:
1. Access your mail account and go to Settings.
2. Then at the top right corner, go to Preferences -> Composing Messages.
3. Once there set Automatically Add Signature to always.

4. To add The actual signature itself go to the Settings section. Choose Identities then select your identity (which should be your email),

Under signature, select the "HTML signature" and then

Click the insert/edit image icon at the top, a pop up box will appear, enter the link to our logo:
Select "constrain proportions" then save:

Repeat this step above to insert/edit image, use this link to insert image for about our products

Finally, Add you name, Phone number, title and other information as follows (replace with your information obviously :-).

Unoma Okorafor, Ph.D
Chief Executive Officer
1.800.820.4829 x 500 (O) | 1.888.519.4829 (F)
Leave us a review at
Connect with us below or visit our sister company

For the Old Cpanel/Round Cube Interface 

Email Signature

1. Steps when you get to the signature panel below per instructions on our document
2. You must have the html box selected.
3. Next, Click on the tiny "HTML" symbol as shown in the screen shot below. A html text editor window pops up.
4. Copy and paste the code below into the pop up html editor. Edit text as needed to reflect you name, contact info, title, etc.
5. You should be good to go!

Email Signature Setup in RoundCube

"<p><span style="font-family: 'trebuchet ms', geneva; font-size: small;">Type Your Name Here </span><br /><span style="font-family: 'trebuchet ms', geneva; font-size: small;">Business Development Manager </span><br /><span style="font-family: 'trebuchet ms', geneva; font-size: small;">(O) 1-800-820-4829 X 300*Your Extension* | (C) 972-955-7380 | &nbsp;(F) 1-888-519-4269 </span></p>
<p><img src="" alt="Herbal Papaya Logo" /></p>
<p><img src="" alt="Herbal Papaya Certifications" /></p>
<p>"LIKE" us on facebook "FOLLOW" us on twitter</p>"

Setting Up Email On Your Smartphone
To set up your email on your smartphone go to the settings tab and select "general" and then "Mail,". Then select the "add account" tab and then the "other" email proceed to add account from the details given above. Image below shows process. 


Slack Messaging Setup: Anyone with a confirmed email address from will be able to create an account on Slack. Go to this link and sign up with your herbal papaya email.

Join our company mailing list: Go to the link here to enter your company email.


Your supervisor will set you up to share our Dropbox folder and company googledrive account. You should receive an instruction email from Dropbox and  an invitation from Google to your Herbal Papaya email account asking you to set up. If you have not already done so, you need to download dropbox and follow all the instructions to install desktop and login with your username and password. Please let your supervisor know if you already use Dropbox and/or Google Drive and would like to use the same emails to integrate both accounts.

Herbal Papaya uses Ring Central Voice-Over-IP Service to manage our phone service. Calls to your extension will be directly routed to your cell phone. Your supervisor will set you up and email your password and extension number. You should then receive a welcome email from ring central with instruction to set up your account.

To login, go to Your login number is 8008204829 (this is the Herbal Papaya general phone line) along with your Extension number. Login and set up your account including your voice mail and your security question. Note that your ring central phone number will be forwarded directly to your cell or other phone number you provide.

Answering incoming calls: When a Herbal Papaya call comes into your phone, when you pick up the phone you will hear "You have a caller waiting, to accept this call press "1". Press "1" to take the call. Our typical greeting is "Hello/Good Morning, this is "your-name" at Herbal Papaya, how may I help you today?"

Sending Fax: You can send a fax directly from your herbalpapaya email using our Ring Central Service. In the To field, simply put and in the subject field, enter the title of the fax. Attach the document to the email and send.

Forwarding calls to another extension:

  1. Dial ## to place the caller on hold. NOTE: When you place the call on hold by pressing ##, you will hear “You have a call on hold, to return to the call, press #. ...
  2. Then press the star key (*). ...
  3. Press 1. ...
  4. Enter the phone number (or extension number) where you want to transfer the call then press # to complete the transfer.
  5. Wait for about 10 seconds to ensure the transfer is complete before you hand up.

Using Ring Central on your Smart phone: You may download and install ring central app and call controller on your smart phone and your PC and your smart phone.  and set up your personal voice mail. Please read the Ring Centrals user guide on Ring Central Website for more help tips.

Your supervisor should have set up your account on You will receive an automated email inviting you to Asana. Follow instructions in that email, Go to and login with your email and provided password.

Your supervisor should have set up your account on herbal papaya magento website admin panel. Here you can see more details on our customer orders and can manage our website.
To login go to
Please change your password once you login.

You should have received an email from our payroll service prividing you with your username and password. Go to Hover your mouse On the top left corner where it says login, then click on Employee. Enter your Username, password + last 4 digits of your social. When you gain access, fill in completely all your personal information including date of birth, Social Security number, Address, next of kin, date of employment, etc. 

All team members are required to connect with Herbal Papaya on our social media channels. Connect on Social Media:

Facebook -
Twitter:  (@herbalpapaya)
Instagram: -
Google+ -
Linkedin -
Youtube: -

Setting Up Linkedin
All team members are required to connect with Herbal Papaya as a team member. To do this go to and log into your account or create an account and complete your profile if you do not already have one.

To connect with Herbal Papaya: go to your contacts, add connections.
Click, Colleagues and click "Add Connection/Invite"
Go to Companies: Drop down list, select Herbal Papaya or search for herbal papaya.
Here you can manage connections with the company and its employees.
Select Herbal Papaya as the company you work for.

Sign Up For Our Newsletter
You are required to sign up for our newsletter. Go to our website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email address in the area for "Sign Up For Newsletter" , click submit and you are done.


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      If you are having spam issues there is an easy and quick way to block a lot of it. Login to your webmail in a browser, at the top right corner, click your email dropdown tab and select “Email Filters” from the menu.

      In the new page, select “create a new filter”
      Name the filter e.g. “SPAM1”
      Under rules, select “SPAM BAR” contains “+++++”
      Under actions, select “DELETE MESSAGE”
      Save! This should filter out a lot of spam messages and help!