Marketing Process: This document describes the process of generating new leads and interest in Herbal Papaya and its products and converting the leads to sales.

It is important for our marketing team to thoroughly review our marketing plan and brand guidelines to understand our goals for the marketing department and to know what we can and cannot say when marketing our products to stay within FDA regulations. 

The overall 2017 marketing targets are part of the marketing budget spreadsheet, under a different tab. You can find it here. We track ROI and Unit Economics through this spreadsheet.

Social Media

Goal is to increase brand awareness, network with companies, bloggers, and other influencers in the health & wellness industry, create an authority around our brand, and eventually make direct conversions as well. Also, social media is a great tool to show our personality to our customers.  

First step is to review in detail our Social Media Strategy document.

1. Become familiar with all social apps (click here to watch tutorial for social apps) - Hootsuite, IFTTT, Crowdfire to streamline efforts.

2. Spend a minimum of one hour each day on social media. Here is a suggested "one hour social media checklist" for items that should be accomplished.

3. Review and follow our social media content creation notes found here.

4. Schedule out engaging content using Hootsuite (Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn) + FB Scheduler Mon-Fri. Instagram (click here to watch tutorial on Instagram) is done the day of since there are currently no good schedulers for the platform.

5. Schedule retweets of other brands/bloggers through Hootsuite 3x week on Twitter (click here to watch tutorial on Twitter).

6. Run and optimize Facebook ads (click below or here to watch tutorial on FB) - one for our website, one for our page, and 3x/week for boosting individual posts.


7. Engage with other brands/bloggers through comments, likes, and follows on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest 3x/week (click here to watch tutorial on Pinterest).

Blog posts

Goal is to (1) Increase SEO through Google organic search with our 2-3x month blog posts; (2) Create an authority around our brand. The link posts that we just started doing where we create list posts that link to numerous blogger is also another way to network and support those influencers in our niche field. 

1. Create blog draft in Shopify through online store --> blog posts.

2. Add an excerpt to post and create a unique and attractive image on Canva to put into article. Update the author name and add appropriate keywords relating to the article. (Example)

3. Schedule out for the dates agreed (e.g. 1st or the 15th of the month.)

4. Once a month, write a link-up post (list post that links to a variety of other bloggers based on one subject - See 5 Green Smoothie Recipes to Start Off the New Year).

5. Sift through and answer any comments we receive on posts

6. Properly promote each blog article across all social media, post to linkedin and Google+, create unique Pinterest images via Canva (a free/cheap, simplified online graphic design program to create attractive & unique images), and submit every post to StumbleUpon.


Goal is (1) Increase engagement and  gain authority in our niche subject of health & wellness with customers; (2) Increase mailing list size; (3) Increase sales from Newsletters.

Newsletters are also a great way to make direct conversions with our customers through announcing new promotions or product lines and to show our personality in to our customers. 

1. Goes immediately out after the blog articles is published around the 1st & 15th of the month. 

2. Create draft in MailChimp (click here to watch tutorial on MailChimp), make sure tracking is enabled for tracking sales.

3. Include new banners in every newsletter and have them linked to proper sites, especially to increase traffic. If required, also put up the new banners on the Herbal Papaya homepage slideshow - step on how to do that here. 

4. Hire any banners (click here to watch tutorial on hiring out banners) that need to be designed for newsletter on Fiverr. If you need stock images for the banner designs, use our account on Photodune.

5. Oversee free tea giveaway at the beginning of each month, and promote it effectively to continue to grow the newsletter list (currently paused until further notice).

6. For both blog posts and newsletters - reference & manage upcoming ones through our editorial calendar on our Google Doc and our Google Calendar (which you'll have to be invited to through your email for the link).

7. Automation emails in MailChimp are a way to keep communication with customers & subscribers running smoothly without spending a ton of time. These have already been created on MailChimp but they may need to be added on to and tweaked every now and then.

8. We currently have automated emails running for repeat customers, those who haven't opened an email campaign in awhile, new subscribers, those to build trust with, etc. Click here to watch the tutorial on automated emails in MailChimp.

9. Here is a link to a document for suggested automation emails.


Goal is to get our company in front of retailers and important figures in the health & wellness field, as well as networking opportunities and brand awareness.

1. Read through steps and training for our prior tradeshow outings. (Find the tradeshow folder here with relevant information)

2. Research tradeshows to attend, and budgets required.

3. Contact organizer to get a booth and make payments. (Under Product Development process document)

4. Hire tradeshow helpers if needed. (See the hiring document from past Tradeshows here)

5. Work with graphics designer or ensure that our banners, brochures, sellsheets and order forms are ready and enough have been printed (do this at least 1-2 months before the tradeshow)

6. Design tradeshow t-shirts, themes, etc (click here to see past t-shirt designs)

7. Organize team members who will be attending and what we will be offering as products. Familiarize team with scripts & goals for tradeshow. (Click here to see an example of a tradeshow training manual)

8. Ship samples to tradeshow venue if required.

9. Book hotels and travel tickets. (Under Product Development process document)

10. Overall Support of Tradeshows and Events: Pre show/event marketing efforts including hiring designer to help with banner designs, brochure, sell sheet, designs. Determining theme of project.

Influencers, Bloggers & Celebrity

Goals is to create brand awareness and a buzz around our products through social proof and trusted recommendations. 

1. Associate researches and puts together a new list each quarter of 400 new influential bloggers to contact. (link to spreadsheet)

2. Contact an agreed upon number of bloggers every week to ask if they'd like to try free samples of our products (ultimate goal to have a shout out on social media or review blog post). Either Do this through MailChimp - ready-made emails with a template or preferably through individual emails to make them more personalized and reduce the chance of them ending up in a spam folder. (see templates below). 

3. Create handmade blogger boxes to go out every week to interested bloggers with 10% discount code for their readers. Click here to see images of sample blogger boxes.

4. Follow-up with any bloggers who haven't responded to initial email after 1 week. (Click here for email template examples)

5. Actively pursue paid sponsored posts on blogs and social media (especially Instagram) within budget for each quarter.

6. Actively pursue 1-2 blogger giveaways each quarter (example of a successful giveaway).

7. Actively pursue 1-2 sponsored blog or Instagram posts per quarter - depending on budget (example of recent sponsored IG post)

8. Ensure to provide a coupon for each blogger giveaway or shout out to better track ROI (Log-in to Shopify, click on "discounts" on the left hand menu, click on "Add Discount Code" at the top right and fill in the discount requirements).

9. Here is a link to a folder of images that show how blogger shoutout may look.

10. Research potential celebrities/brand ambassadors (click here for current spreadsheet) through Instagram, Twitter, and Google search. Send outreach emails to those who fit our standards to let them know why it would be beneficial to work with Herbal Papaya and vice versa.  

Press Releases

Goal is to keep communication constantly open with media figures to encourage them to create more stories around our company and announce new exciting things happening within Herbal Papaya. Another great one for brand awareness and networking. 

1. Oversee media list on MailChimp and update it as need be

2. Send out relevant company news through MailChimp campaigns once a month to the media (review tutorial on how to create campaigns).

3. Follow-up with any emails/phone calls from the media about recent press releases.

4. Draft special releases/outreach on MailChimp for one time events, such as the Dengue fever campaign we sent our during the outbreak in Hawaii, explaining how papaya leaf extract has been shown to help with Dengue fever (click here to see example of that campaign or find it under "past campaigns").

Google Adwords, Analytics & Merchant

Our goal with Adwords is to create direct conversions through Google Ads that are targeted and optimized in the best ways possible. We constantly tweak it for optimization to assure sales are running smoothly and campaign keywords are updated and relevant.

1. We track Google Adwords progress & results in this spreadsheet. To see the actual reports in Google Adwords, click here.

2. Update Google Merchant Feed for Adwords anytime there's anything added to our website or changed (i.e. prices, new products, etc). (Review the steps on how to do this here). 

3. Here is the Google Merchant Feed Dashboard and the Google Merchant spreadsheet where you will update new changes from the site.

4. Once the spreadsheet is changed or updated go to the Google Merchant Dashboard and click the "Feeds" option on the left hand menu and click "Fetch" to update new or changed entries. It is always also good to sign into this account every now and then to make sure our feeds are still up and running, they can sometimes go down without warning or reason. 

Supporting New Product Development

Goal is to create the marketing support behind any new product development to create the appropriate buzz around new products and get said products in view of  interested masses. 

Here are marketing steps to support new product launch:

During initial market testing phase:

  • Help product development team to create/critic 3D mock-up for product.
  • Create 2-3 banners about the new test product and share on our website, newsletter, blog and social media (obtain the 3D mock up image from product development) to raise awareness or create buzz.
  • Assist in polling customers or evaluating demand/excitement around this new product.
After market test, and product is to be manufactured:
  • Create additional banners and increase buzz significantly.
  • Create adwords campaigns (budget not to exceed $40/month), update Google merchant feed, create IG/FB ads to promote product.
  • Provide coupons, sales (or pre-sales) and free sample giveaways to influencers.
  • Actively seek reviews on product.

Review of Apps/Websites Used

Goal is to streamline marketing efforts through help wit social apps or websites that either increase conversions or reduce time spent on any given task. 

1. Crowdfire - App to see who is following you and non-followers, a place to follow relevant hashtags, and/or the followers of relevant health & wellness accounts that would be interested in the HP brand. It’s basically an optimal way to follow relevant accounts and make sure you’re not following irrelevant ones. It can do wonders in terms of growth for both Twitter + Instagram. It also allows you to send out auto DMs on Twitter if you want to cross-promote other social media accounts or the HP website. 

2. Hootsuite - Platform to schedule out social media posts as far in advance as you would like. This works well for all platforms except for Instagram which is still best to upload directly. You can also create a dashboard in Hootsuite where you can easily engage with followers/who you follow and stay-up on recent posts.

3. IFTTT - App where you create social media recipes that automate posts. For instance, you could connect your Facebook posts to automatically post to Twitter or vice versa. There are a lot of creative ways to cross-promote your content on different platforms through here.

4. Sweet Tooth - A customer points app. Customers who sign up for an account on the HP site, are given points for a variety of situations (ie. purchases, referrals, sharing on social media etc) that they can then use to get a discount on further purchases. 

5. Vantage - A great tool to optimized dynamic product ads through Facebook. Vantage also gives a brief overview of conversion date, although nowhere near as much detail as Compass. 

6. Compass - A way to track unit economics by month or week and to get a better idea of overall conversion data in relation to our past history and other stores in the same niche. 

7. StumbleUpon - A social sharing app that puts your content in front of a bigger audience and has a better chance of going viral. 

8. Quora - A platform where people can ask questions. We can use it as a brand through building our authority by answering health & wellness companies as an Herbal Papaya account. We can also create a page for ourselves and have people review it on here. 

9. Slideshare - An online slide sharing or presentation platform to educate people on a variety of subjects or even specifics about our company. There's a huge audience on this platform and it's best used for SEO and Google Ranking purposes. 

10. Reddit - One of the best apps to create site traffic, Reddit is a great way to promote health & wellness articles or personal stories, but be wary about promoting our company or products directly since you can get banned from the site. 

11. Affiliatly - Affiliate referral app. Customers, influencers, or retailers are able to sign up as an affiliate and they get a percentage back for each sale made through their affiliate code or coupon. A great way to add more incentive to promoting our products further. 

12. Whalar - A platform to find Instagram influencers for your next campaigns. You can search by price range and/or influence and easily find Instagram influencers who are open to working with companies and brands. 

13. Yotpo - A customer review app. We have one on the HP site that allows customers to write reviews about our website and/or products. This is also great for SEO purposes to have since it gives our site social proof. 


      1. Editorials - Create spreadsheet of possible publications to submit work to with deadlines and editorial calendar topics that could work for our company. Go through 2-3 at a time to pitch them a piece that relates to papaya. Our goal is to not only get a papaya-related editorial pieces in these publications but a paid ad for our products near where the editorial is located in the magazine as well.

      2. Podcast interviews/advertising - only if it's the perfect fit, 1-2 times a year. (Here's an example of a successful podcast we had with Epic Well

      3. Oversee editorial calendar for blog, newsletter, guest posts, holidays, awareness months, and any discounts.

      4. Properly advertise and promote new discounts or deals that we run - making banners on Fiverr, shoutouts on social media, mentions in newsletters, etc.

      5. Continue research efforts to expand brand awareness through apps and other platforms we have not yet explored. A great way to do this is by reading the Shopify blog often, or any other relevant marketing articles you come across. (Example: we just started using Vantage to consolidate metrics and set-up optimized social media ads)

      6. Oversee marketing budget and track it in real time via Google Sheets to make sure we're keeping to our general budgeting goals.  

      7. Oversee organic Instagram images - assuring that all team members are participating and turning in photos for the week.

      8. Explore coupon sites such as to increase revenue through discounted products.

      9. Oversee Affiliate program on Affiliatly. Answer any questions from affiliates, pay them on the 1st of every month, and continuously research more ways to grow our affiliate program with influencers. 

      10. We get information about site speed, traffic, bounce rate, and time spent on site from Google Analytics, you can find more insights about our website and account here. We keep track of those stats on the Adwords tracking spreadsheet as well, which you can find here. 

      11. Help Sales/Customer Service department with sending product samples to relevant retailers. These don't have to be crafted like the blogger boxes, just sending the samples needed alone is fine. Please reference this folder ( contains all of our sell sheets. They are PDF documents. You should typically print a few copies (5 – 10) of these at Fedex or any other local printer when needed. It's suggested you print a few copies of these whenever you need them to send to retailers.