HR (Human Resource) Process

This is the process we use at Herbal Papaya for advertising job openings, hiring new people onto our team and on-boarding them, as well as saying goodbye to them (as painful as it may be) when they decide it is time to leave or can no long stay. Everything you need to know about our HR process should be found here. If not send an email to (or edit this page if you have access) and we can add it.

Click here to access the HP HR folder. This folder contains all things HR.

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A: Search & Screening: The process of searching for the right people for our team!


B: Selecting, Interviewing & Hiring: The process of selecting the right person.

  • Set up Initial Phone Interview. Click here for the template of emails to follow from interview set up to introducing team member to team!
    • Email the candidate to request an inital 20-30 minute phone interview with the supervisor or CEO. Set up appointment for interview on CEO Calendar.
    • Interview questions to ask to get a sense of the applicant (PS: disqualify anyone who has not spent time on our website to learn about us and our vision and mission.
    • Individual conducting interview should refer back to the applicant's Wufoo application form entry before and during interview to evaluate the provided information regarding desired salary, virtual job experience, college degree obtained, and reasons for applying to Herbal Papaya.
    • Salary or compensation: Always ask what the potential candidates expected or desired salary or compensation is. Initial offer or figure of starting compensation should not be disclosed until determined based off of experience. 
  • Ask candidate to fill out the application form in step one of the HR process page here.
  • Review interview responses to match criteria:
    • Does candidate have a passion for healthy and active living?
    • Does the candidate have experience in a self-disciplined and motivated work environment?
    • Does candidate have tools necessary to work remotely?
    • Does candidate have the required or preferred experience for desired position?
    • Does the candidate have resources, innovation or desire to help the company grow?
    • Is the candidate flexible and knowledgeable to assist in other departments when needed?
    • Does the candidate resonate with female empowerment and giving back culture.
  • Review profiling tools & personality test results as a match to position.
    • Does the candidates personality test match with what we are looking for - We are looking for strong "Judging" and "middle introversion to strong extroversion" traits.
  • Flags for Cultural - what would a potential cultural misfit look like and how do we identify them?
    • Attention to detail.
    • Delay in following up as agreed.
    • Innovative ideas
    • Able to challenge supervisor respectfully.
  • Check candidate's references from application form above:
    • Call at least 2 references
    • Disqualify candidate if concerned about candidates character, abilities, skills, personality or incorrect information was provided about work history.
  • Cross check qualifications and certificates.
  • If all points above seem ok and candidates pass, schedule follow up Phone Interview with CEO to make offer, and/or supervisor or other team members.
  • If candidate meets all criteria, create and send offer letter to candidate and ask them to sign, and return within 5 days through new hire form.

    C: On-boarding, Orientation & Account Set Up:  Step by step Process for on-boarding a new team member is laid out here:

      • Send congratulatory email to candidate. Email template found here.
      • Determine accounts needed to be set up and assist in set up or enlist CEO to help.
      • Record which accounts have been set up for each team member in the Team Accounts Setup Log.
    • Create @herbalpapaya email address for new team member (or contact supervisor to help with this). Email team member to advise them to sync email address to with mail client such as Microsoft Outlook.
    • Guide them through setting up a SPAM filter on their email (Here)
    • Send them this link to start new hire process:
      (note that offer letter should be uploaded in this form.)
    • Obtain team member's bio and  photo from the form they submitted in the step above and use that to update our team page
    • Help new hire go through new team member orientation process and Herbal Papaya slideshow (annual and quarterly goals, vision, team members, etc) and review Herbal Papaya FAQ SheetThis is the huge steps 3 & 4 on this page.
    • Schedule initial one on one job training & Score Card review.
    • Work with team member supervisor to set up goals, job deliverables and rocks and update score card with this information.
    • Update our team contacts spreadsheet here.
    • Email team members to introduce new member to the team - #4 on this template.

    • Designing and Ordering Herbal Papaya Shirts: Go to At the top right corner of the website you will see “retrieve designs”. Click this and enter email address: to view our past designs. Select a design or create a new look (upload a new design/graphic if needed). Click “ORDER NOW”, and you can then re-order shirts.
    • Samples: Send a sample box containing select products and an HP t-shirt to team member after 2 - 4 weeks of their time at Herbal Papaya.
    • Team member that will get a credit card? Have them read and fill out this Credit Card and travel Policy Agreement before issuing a Company Credit Card.
    • Team member that will be travelling? Have them read and complete the policy above as well.

    D: Performance & Quarterly Reviews: The process of team member reviews.

    • One week prior to the end of Quarter, HR will send out the Quarterly Review form requesting they complete and return within 7 days. 
    • Once returned, HR will save the individuals form with their individual employee files.
    • HR will then set up a Quarter Review Meeting.  This may include inviting the company executive officer, or head of the department at time of review.
    • At the meeting, HR will have provided copies of the employee’s current quarter goals and numbers as reported on the score card.
    • HR will have productive and meaningful conversation with employee surrounding all future goals and individual concerns.
    • Following the company executive officer's review and sign off of notes, HR will permanently submit their notes of the meeting into the employee’s records.


    E: Team Building and Engagement activities.

    • We have one annual get together, team building and engagement activity. This involves finding a location and planning team activities for a long weekend (Friday through Sunday) Arrival Thursday evening, Friday (one day meetings and meet ups) Friday night dinner, Saturday and Sunday fun activities. *More to be done to develop this process.*

      F: Termination: The process of saying good bye