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7 Top Reasons to try Herbal Papaya products 

Is papaya leaf tea and papaya leaf extract safe?

Yes. With a wide range of natural remedies on the market today, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to make sense of it all. In the herbal industryyou must ensure you use a qualified source to ensure the consistency, safety or potency of the herbal remedies you buy. That is why all papaya leaf products from Herbal Papaya are manufactured using an FDA-inspected and compliant facility, which ensures strict safety standards to bring therapeutic effectiveness, consistency, safety, and potency. If you are pregnant or taking a blood thinning medication, please consult your doctor before you take any of our products. Papaya leaf in high dose may have abortive effects.

Why is papaya leaf bitter?

Papaya leaf is bitter like dandelion but not as bitter as that. Bitter herbs are very healthy for you! That bitterness is known as “bitters” and can help with physiological reactions within your body. These herbs usually have an astringent nature within the body and work as a tonic, internal cleanser, relaxer and stomachic. If you mind the bitterness, try our papaya tea with a little stevia, monk fruit, agave or sweetener of your choice to make it easier.

What is the connection between papaya leaf and your body's health?

Papaya leaf is the only natural source of the enzyme papain, which helps digest proteins and fats and speeds up the body's metabolism. The papain in papaya helps the digestive system function effectively, and because 70% of your immune system is contained in the digestive track, this helps maintain the effective functioning of the immune system. Papaya leaf helps combat free radicals in your body and helps your blood platelets and your immune system. It has essential nutrients that maintain healthy skin and overall well being.

Does your papaya leaf extract in liquid or capsule form contain any alcohol?

No. The extraction process used for obtaining the Herbal Papaya leaf extract ensures that there is 0% alcohol in our products. The liquid and capsules are alcohol free. This is important when comparing a water based extract to an alcohol based extract. They will not taste the same. Because an extract contains alcohol does not mean it is stronger or more potent. If you are giving an extract to a child or do not want alcohol in your papaya leaf extract, Herbal Papaya is your only source!

How does the new preservative-free glycerin based papaya leaf liquid extract compare to the prior water based extract?

Our liquid extract is a glycerin base with the same amount of papaya leaf extract (1,000mg of extract) per dosage and zero preservatives.

With our new and improved papaya leaf extract, papaya leaf is added to vegetable glycerin - a sugar based, low glycemic powerful extraction agent. Glycerin extracts the papaya leaf and traps it inside its molecules. Heat, alcohol or preservative is never added. Each molecule is like a mini capsule which contains a lot of papaya leaf molecules, and is activated by saliva and the digestive system. The cool thing about vegetable glycerin is that it is extremely shelf stable and does not need preservatives! It is longer lasting, PH balanced and prevents microbial activity. 

So whether you add heat, freeze it, or add it to your juice or tea, it does not affect the properties of the papaya leaf enzymes. The molecules of the vegetable glycerin are larger, so when it goes into your body the sugar does not increase insulin so it is healthier for your pancreas. It is low glycemic, better tasting and easier to take for kids. Not only is it healthier for you, its more alkaline for your body and its more bio-available. 

Our papaya leaf extract capsule is a 10:1 herbal extract ration. What does that mean?

Most other companies use a 1:1 or 4:1 ratio of extraction; we use 10:1. 

 Our liquid is 10 times more potent than a 1:1 and 2.5 times more effective than a 4:1.
10:1 means that for 1 kg of the extract, 10 kg of raw material is used. For 1 kg of a 4:1 extract, 4 kg of raw material is used.

This explanation is sometimes confusing, but simply put, as the higher the ratio, the more potent the product is.

Our capsule contains 600mg of papaya leaf extract powder with a herbal extract ratio of 10:1 is equivalent to 6000mg of Papaya Leaf and an extract liquid that contains 1000mg per dosage at a herbal extract ratio of 10:1 is equivalent to 10,000mg of Papaya Leaf. Our extraction process ensures that our papaya leaf extract reconstitutes to achieve the same synergestic ratios as in the papaya leaf.

What does earth friendly and sustainable manufacturing mean to us?

Because our processing technology is so efficient and energetically aligned, we use less raw botanical materials, less BTU's of energy, and have no toxic waste or harmful environmental by-products. With that said, our finished products are concentrated, potent and process an efficacy standard that matches and/or rivals other companies' products. Most of those companies typically use many times more raw botanical ingredients, more BTU's of energy to make their products, and often produce large amounts of waste for the minimal amount of active constituents extracted per tonnage of raw botanical materials used. This all means Herbal Papaya’s category defining potent liquid herbal concentrates are made using one of the lowest overall 'erg' Index's in the liquid herbal products industry. That's what we mean by being an earth friendly & sustainable technology! 

Does papaya leaf contain caffeine?

No. Papaya leaf is a caffeine free herb. This means there is no chance of dependency with long term use and it is good for your body!

How do I know papaya leaf works?

The effects of Papaya Leaf are supported by scientific research. In addition, there are several testimonials from real life people to support the efficacy of papaya leaf in promoting overall wellbeing and health. These testimonials are not limited to our website or our company. Papaya leaf extract is good for you, period! If you use our products or if you use the fresh papaya leaves, you will get results that will provide health benefits to your digestive, blood and immune systems. We also encourage you to send in your stories and tell your friends about the benefits of Papaya leaf. That way you are helping others and sharing health!

How does your loyalty rewards and referral program works?

Our loyalty program module allows customers to gather points within an order, upon registration, while referring a friend or when posting reviews (only validated reviews). The points can be redeemed for discount on purchase.

Each product displays the points that will be earned beside it. In the shopping cart, an area is available to: see the amount of points that you are collecting with your order and to redeem your points for an order. Earn 1 points for every $1 Spent and 200 points when you register. You must have up to 500 point to redeem your points. Earn additional points when a referred friend or post a product review.

I tried entering my points but no code is showing?

You can to have a certain amount of points to get certain discounts.  If you enter the points you have and it does not give you a code then you do not have enough points so continue adding up points.


What about earning points when referring a friend?

You can also gather points when referring a friend. You can decide to share the referral link on your blog or social profile, share with the use of our social buttons or even submit the referral form. There are so many ways for you to gather points!

*You must be registered and be logged into your account when you make purchases or referrals or post a review in order to earn points for your account. Rewards points and discounts do not apply to tax or shipping. Points never expire. 

How often or how long should I take Papaya Leaf Tea or Papaya Leaf Extract?

It is important to embrace herbal healthcare as part of a holistic lifestyle, and not simply a ‘quick-fix’. Although papaya leaf provides immediate support to immunity and wellbeing due to all the anti-oxidants, nutrients, vitamins and enzymes immediately available to your body, time is usually needed for the full benefits of Papaya Leaf to be felt on your body - like any other superfruit. This can sometimes vary depending on your body. Papaya leaf is amongst the fastest-acting herbal remediesf. As consistency is vital in obtaining optimal benefits from our natural remedies, be sure to continue taking papaya leaf products at least once daily. You will start to notice a healthier digestive, immune and blood system in 3 - 6 weeks of use.

Is it safe to order on your website?

Yes! Our website is a secure SSL 256 bit encruption website. This means your information cannot be intercepted and your transactions are safe with us. You can also go to https://www.herbalpapaya.com to verify that we have SSL installed and working!

What are the side effects of drinking papaya leaf?

Some people have an allergic reaction to papain which is contained in papaya leaf. If you experience any allergic reaction, please contact your doctor immediately.

Can children take the supplement or drink the tea?

Since papaya leaf is a herbal supplement it is safe for children. Children 8 years and older can take one dose of the papaya leaf extract. The general rule of thumb is to reduce dosage by half for older children. For infants and babies 2 and under 1/5 the dose, for 3-7 years old 1/4 the dose. Please consult our master herbalist or your doctor before starting any herbal extract.

Does papaya leaf thin the blood?

The effect of papaya leaf to thinning the blood is currently being studied. As always, Please consult your physician before proceeding with any supplements if you are taking any medication. Papaya leaf extract has been safely used as a complementary herbal supplement.

How else can I buy your products without ordering online?

Our products may also be ordered over the phone by calling our customer service number at 1-800-820-4829 or by ordering on Amazon.com. Herbal Papaya products are also found in some select health stores. Visit http://www.herbalpapaya.com/retailers to view a growing list of health store retailers.

Where does my order ship from?

Our warehouses are located in Traverse City, Michigan and in Cambridge, UK. This is where your order will ship from. We ship via USPS priority or first class mail and in the UK we ship using UK Royal mail. We will ship same day if your order is received before noon on any business day, otherwise your order will ship the next day. We do not process orders on Saturdays and Sundays as we are closed on both days. Orders for items in stock usually arrive to its destination within the United States or UK within 3 to 7 business days of placing the order. Our average order transit time is 3.5 days. International shipping takes 7 to 28 business days depending on the country.

I do not live in the United States or the United Kingdon, Can you ship your products to me?

We ship to a select list of international countries. Please order online and try to check out. If your country is not on the list we can ship to, please click here to contact us and let us know. Please note that we are not responsible for packages lost in transit or for customs duty for international orders. Please call us at 1-800-820-4829 for a list of countries we ship to.

Can you ship your products to Canada?

Yes! We ship to Canada. Simply order online.

What is your shipping policy?

What is your policy on returns/exchanges/replacements?

What payment methods do you accept?

Is papaya leaf safe in pregnancy?

If you are pregnant please consult your doctor before you take any of our products. Papaya leaf in high doses is known to have abortive effects during pregnancy.


Can you give me more information on your products like dosage and servings per bottle?

Please consult the product page for each product for further details. Go to "Order Products and select the product you are interested in.

Can you give me more information on the papaya leaf tea and herbs?

Description: Organic Papaya Leaf 
Botanical Name: Carica papaya
Origin: Sri Lanka
Package: Excellent quality teabox and bulk herbs.
Storage: Always store your herb in the teabox or in a sealed tea canister in a cool, dry area that is not exposed to sunlight.

What is your magnesium stearate made from and is it vegan and non-GMO?

Our magnesium stearate is made from palm and is from a vegan and non-GMO source.


What are your brewing instructions for the Papaya Leaf Tea?


What is the nutritional Value of Papaya Fruit?

Papaya fruit (Carica papaya), Fresh, Nutritive Value per 100 g.

(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)
Principle Nutrient Value Percentage of RDA
Energy 39 Kcal 2%
Carbohydrates 9.81 g 7.5%
Protein 0.61 g 1%
Total Fat 0.14 g 0.5%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 1.80 g 4.5%
Folates 38 µg 9.5%
Niacin 0.338 mg 2%
Pantothenic acid 0.218 mg 4%
Pyridoxine 0.019 mg 1.5%
Riboflavin 0.032 mg 2.5%
Thiamin 0.027 mg 2%
Vitamin A 1094 IU 36%
Vitamin C 61.8 mg 103%
Vitamin E 0.73 mg 5%
Vitamin K 2.6 µg 2%
Sodium 3 mg 0%
Potassium 257 mg 5%
Calcium 24 mg 2.5%
Iron 0.10 mg 1%
Magnesium 10 mg 2.5%
Phosphorus 5 mg 1%
Zinc 0.07 mg 0.5%
Carotene-ß 276 µg --
Crypto-xanthin-ß 761 µg --
Lutein-zeaxanthin 75 µg --


I am an individual but would like to sell your products. How do I  become an affiliate for your company.

It is simple, just apply to become an affiliate here and we will get you set up! http://www.herbalpapaya.com/pages/affiliate-program

I would like to distribute your products.  Can you send me a distributor or wholesale price list and instructions on how to proceed?

 We are only looking for established distributors. This must be an established company and registered business for at least 2 years. You must be able to provide a Tax ID number and business registration documents. Fill in our Health Store application at: http://www.herbalpapaya.com/pages/become-a-retailer and we will contact you with additional information.


What is your goal at Herbal Papaya?

Our goal is to provide high quality 100% organic Papaya Leaf Herbal products backed by excellent customer service. We are an ethical company and part of our mission is to ensure we are transparent with our customers, and we operate with integrity and honesty under biblical principles, to gain our customers trust.

I am a customer and I have a complaint about your products?

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products. If you have tried our products and have a complaint click here to fill out our customer complaint form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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