Process-Customer Service

 The customer service process involves receiving and responding to All customer inquiries, comments, feedback through the various communication channels used by Herbal Papaya. All communication must be responded to immediately and within 24 hours of the inquiry. If there are queries you are not sure of and require approval or investigation, always communicate this to the customer while you await instructions / search results. Tasks handled by the customer service team and the procedures for handling the Customer Service Process is outlined below:

How Customers Contact Us:
Our customers can make contact through our various communication portals including but not limited to:
  • Calling through our telephone lines: 1800 820 4829 (toll free) or 409 489 4880 then the customer service extension (ext. 400)
  • They can also make contact using the below methods that are processed through Zendesk, as our ticketing system
  • Emailing us directly at
  • Through our, and sales channels and their ticketing system -feedback five
  • Through YOTPO our website reviews application 
Managing our Ring Central Phone system
All company calls are routed through RingCentral VOIP system. You may log in through your computer to manage call options, and also download the app on your phone.  
Once set up on the system (extension and password) you will need to adjust the following in the "Settings" tab of the app:
  • Call Handling & Forwarding
  • Voice Mail Greeting
Trouble shooting - contact the Administrator to troubleshoot problems with phone calls or call quality.
Responding to customers over the phone:
    1. Answer calls with a standard greeting, such as:
        "Hello this is Herbal Papaya, my name is ________ how may I help you today?"
            2. Answering customer phone calls and responding to inquiries:
              3. Transferring or forwarding calls to a different extension or number see company directory and instructions

               Dealing with customer complaints

                If a customer communicates dissatisfaction or a negative reaction to our products, we can issue a refund. Whether to do a full refund or just the product refund is normally decided based on severity of each case. The following steps should be taken to handle complaints:

                Papaya Product Overview
                An overview of our various products should be used to answer questions from customers about our products cost, usage, ingredients, shelf life, dosage, etc. 
                Systems and Applications used for Handling Customer Orders
                1. Once an order is placed and payment is confirmed, orders from our website are captured in the Shopify platform. It integrates several other applications used for customer and product management.
                2. Our products are shipped from a warehouse operated by efulfillment service (EFS). We can log-in on their platform, review and edit customer order information, check on processing status etc.
                3. Seller Central for our three amazon platforms

                NOTE: orders do not show up in Shopify, but BOTH orders and the website orders show up in the EFS system. (Amazon does the shipping directly to customers from and

                Processing our Customer Refunds

                  1. Refunding customers who paid in Shopify
                  2. Refunding customers who paid using Paypal
                  3. Refunding subscription customers who paid using Stripe 
                  4. Refunding customers
                  5. Completing the Test Product Log as required
                Processing Customer Returns

                View this Herbal Papaya Customer Return Refunds in Stripe for video on customer returns process

                Responding to tickets on Zendesk - Click here to watch the "how to" video


                    Order Shipment Questions:

                    1.  Orders processed before 1:00pm EST will be processed the same day and an    order tracking number will be registered that same evening. Orders processed after 1:00pm EST will be processed the next morning, and an order tracking number will be assigned later that day.

                    2.  Shipments typically arrive in 2-3 days with express/priority shipment via USPS/Fedex.  We are unable to process expedited, or overnight, shipping.

                    Taking Customer Orders Over the Phone:

                    1.  If you are taking a customer order over the phone through our website, you will choose the "Buy Here" drop down menu, select the product, and "add to cart" to begin their order.

                    2.  If the customer does NOT have an email address, put in that field in order to bypass and keep ordering.  All fields must be filled in for the screen to advance to the next one.

                    3.  Confirm with the customer that their billing address and shipping address are the same.

                    4.  If customers choose to pay with PayPal, we recommend that they jump online to process their order so that we don't have their information on hand.

                    Preparing draft orders for Customers (Retailers/Health Professionals)

                    Our retailers and health store professionals are always given exceptional service. In that light we assist with creating their orders on request. They usually send an email or call us and if their credit card is not shared use this video

                    Dealing with our Amazon customers and accounts

                    1. Amazon USA Account: Login to our account here. You must select "" from the drop-down menu at the top of the page to see our account information.

                    2. Amazon UK: Login to our account here. You must be logged out from all other amazon accounts and it might be a good idea to try a different browser window

                    3. Amazon Canada: Login to our account here.

                                   a. Note that you can download the "Amazon SellerCentral" app on your phone to easily monitor Amazon messages.

                    You will need to check all 3 amazon accounts on a daily basis for   

                    a.  Messages:  You must reply to Amazon messages within 24 hours this includes holidays and weekends. If you don't have an immediate answer, you will still need to respond letting them know that you are looking for the answer.  Also  *** if a message does not need to be responded to, check the box that says "no response needed".  Otherwise, Amazon will still count the message as a late response.    

                    b.  Orders:  Check order status' daily to ensure they are being shipped out on time.                                  If one is late:   

                        1. Mark as "shipped" and change the date to the day it was required                                        to ship.

                         2. Look up order in EFS to see why it hasn't shipped. 

                        3. Open a ticket in EFS marked "urgent" and request that they ship the package ASAP, and give them the date that Amazon required the order to be shipped.              

                         4. Troubleshooting: When some orders in Amazon are not shipped? 

                    When an Amazon customer cancels a “Fulfilled by Merchant” order:

                    1. Check the time/ date the order was placed VS when they are requesting to cancel the order by looking at the actual Amazon order AND the order in EFS.
                    2. Sometimes customers try to cancel their orders a full day or two AFTER it was placed.  Unfortunately, our warehouse processes orders typically on the same day it was ordered, as long as the order was received before 2pm CST.
                    3. If the order is too late to cancel you will have to apologize to the customer and tell them to return the box unopened.  Once it gets checked back into our warehouse we will issue a product refund.
                    4. If you can still cancel the order in EFS:

                    Handling Inventory, Fulfillment and shipping/freight issues

                    1. When you received EFS error such as inventory not found, etc
                    2. Manually entering an order in EFS
                    3. Creating a truck freight shipment in
                    4. What to do with back orders?

                    Creating Month End Inventory Report (MEIR) 

                     On the first working day of each month you will need to fill in the Month End Inventory sheet (covering the prior month’s inventory). 

                    1. Go to
                    2. Right Click on the prior month’s inventory listing.
                    3. Select “make a copy”
                    4. Once the copy is made, right click on it, and rename it for the current month you are creating. Change the Header to the appropriate month, as well as the “QTY as of” date in the red bar.
                    5. Delete all quantities (do not delete cost or SKU’s).
                    6. Log into EFS.  
                    7. “Client Info”  ->>  View Inventory
                    8. Fill in the current inventoryamounts listed on this page to the Google Inventory Sheet.
                    9. **TIP:  Copy and paste the SKU from the Google document into the “Search” field in EFS.  It pulls up the item quickly.  
                    10. Log into Amazon.CA.
                    11. “Inventory”  and “Manage FBA Inventory”
                    12. Using the “Fillable” column on this list, fill in the Google document.
                    13. Review the “Unfillable” and “reserved” items and fill into Google Document as well.
                    14. Repeat steps10-13 for Amazon UK.
                    15. When the document is complete, forward it to your Inventory Manager (they will have additional information that might need to be added)

                    Managing our reviews system

                    1. Login to our Yotpo platform - to manage customer feedback coming from our website. Watch the video to learn how to do this.
                    2. Login to our Feedback Five platform - to manage customer feedback from our Amazon sites.

                    Team support and Reporting numbers on Scorecard

                    1. Weekly email reminders to team members about our weekly Friday meeting: view sample email.
                    2. Updating scorecard with customer service items