A Quick Guide to our *NEW* Ripe Papaya & Graviola Fruit Powder!

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A Quick Guide to our *NEW* Ripe Papaya & Graviola Fruit Powder!

A glimpse at the new products we're introducing today, are you ready for your health to be boosted this summer?

Today is an exciting day because our two newest products are now in stock and ready to fly off the shelves! They're also products that many people don't know all that much about, so we wanted to give you a quick little guide to let you know all the tidbits and important benefits of Ripe Papaya and Graviola Fruit

You probably remember the post we wrote back in April about the deal with Graviola, and if you're looking for a more in-depth article on just Graviola, that would be a good one to read. However, we have TWO new products coming out and we didn't want to leave the just as important and healthy ripe papaya powder out in the cold either. 

Without further ado, this is the quick guide to what you need to know about our two hottest new products!

Ripe Papaya Powder

You may wonder why we've introduced yet another papaya product, but we recently realized how little papaya fruit products we had on offer on here. The leaves and the seeds have a variety of health benefits, there's no doubt about that, but do you know about all the benefits that ripe papaya has as well?

As with most parts of the papaya, the enzyme papain is there to help you out with digestive issues in the fruit as well. The fruit is also popular for its way of promoting healthy skin. But the benefits don't just stop there, ripe papaya has also been known to help with vision and heart health too!

The main aspects that you should know about our Ripe Papaya Powder are the following:

  • The nutrients in papaya fruit may work to protect skin against free radicals that are known to cause damage leading to wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. They can also help to improve blood flow in the body.



  • The enzyme papain, found in the fruit's skin, breaks down dead skin cells and helps promote cell renewal when used topically. This process is believed to improve the texture, elasticity, and appearance of your skin. Some spas use the skin of the papaya to assist in skin problems such as blemishes and age spots.
  • Healthy eyes and vision rely on vitamin A. The nutrients found in papaya fruit converts into vitamin A when ingested, so your eyes will love our papaya powder.
    • Papaya fruit contains compounds lutein and zeaxanthin. Known as xanthophylls, these phytonutrients are concentrated by your body in the macular region of your eyes. Here they provide protection against both UV and high energy blue light that can damage our eye’s retinas and are involved in fine detail perception.
    • Papaya fruit may improve digestion by breaking down proteins into their individual amino acids. This process will aid in digestion and leave you feeling good.

    Check out our new Ripe Papaya Fruit Powder here and try it for yourself today!

    Ripe Papaya Fruit Powder

    Graviola Fruit Powder 

    We've been praising the uses of Graviola for the past month or so on our blog and social media because we truly believe in the benefits it has for the body and mindset.  Graviola is a relatively new superfruit, at least to the western market, and we can't wait for you to discover how wonderful it is too! 

    We've been working hard on getting our new Graviola products created and on the shelves, and we can't tell you how pumped we are to introduce our Graviola Fruit Powder to the market today. 

    Here's what you need to know about our newest Graviola fruit product: 

    • The tropical Graviola fruit (Annona muricata) originally comes from the Amazon jungles and Caribbean islands and has been traditionally used for its various therapeutic properties.
    • It is called by many names throughout the world, a couple of other popular names for the same fruit include soursop and guanabana.
    • This new Graviola Fruit Powder comes from our new sister company, Herbal Graviola. It's a delicious powder with a taste that is similar to malted milk blended with banana and orange.
    • The powder would be the perfect addition to those morning smoothies we all love to make, as well as juices, desserts, milk, milkshakes, sauces, cereal, and other such foods.
    • At the peak of ripeness, naturally matured Graviola fruit is dehydrated and powder dried to preserve the beneficial nutrients and nutraceutical compounds
    • In recent scientific studies, annonaceous acetogenins, the active constituents of Graviola, have been suggested as beneficial to supporting healthy cell growth and function.
    • Graviola has also been used for its calming effects and as a supplement to help maintain a positive mood.
    • In the Caribbean, people often even use it as a sleep aid by brewing the leaves into a tea to get a good night’s rest and feel rejuvenated in the morning.

    Are you ready to try out the benefits of this exotic new superfruit? Try out our new IN-STOCK Graviola Fruit Powder today, check it out here!  

    Graviola Fruit Powder

    Which product are you most excited to try? Are there any other new products you'd like to see at Herbal Papaya or Herbal Graviola? Let us know in the comments below!

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