April 22, 2017


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Papaya - The Fruit of Angels: A highly delicious and popular tropical fruit, papaya leaves, fruit, and seeds include a variety of nutrients for the body. Papaya leaf extract, Papaya leaf teas and Papaya seed powder aids digestion, supports your immune system, boosts healthy blood platelet function and supports youthful skin.

What Makes Papaya So Powerful? Papaya is the only natural source of the protein digesting enzymes Papain & Chymopapain. It also contains the enzyme fibrin, a rarity in the plant world. Fibrin is an insoluble protein that traps red blood cells and platelets that aid blood clotting.

Why We Are Unique? We are 100% women-owned - We give 10% of profits to educate girls in Africa - We support our organic farmers and their communities - We care deeply about our environment.

Unique Ways To Use Papaya This Spring

Instagrammers Share Their Love Of Papaya

We have some amazing papaya loving followers on social media. Several of them have been very kind in allowing us to share their works of art on our blog. You will find some wonderful nutritious recipes that will help you usher in spring.

smoothie bowl

Papaya Fruit Pudding

This beautiful smoothie bowl is from @laurafruitfairy on Instagram. You must head over to her page and get the recipe for papaya fruit pudding. Can you guess the secret ingredient for the pudding? Also, be sure to check out her blog fruit-fairy.com


papaya boat

A papaya boat makes a perfect breakfast. On Instagram, Vegan2Me shared this beautiful papaya boat filled with melon balls, passionfruit balls, and blueberries. You can easily add our new Graviola smoothies to the papaya boat to make a smoothie bowl.

papaya asparagus

Again from Instagram, TheSweetPeas25, had the most unique way to use papaya. She created a homemade lentil "cupcake" topped with a sweet roasted beet vinegarette and feta over organic rocket blend greens with honey glazed papaya and crispy asparagus spears. Head over to her Instagram page where she shares the recipe.

Do you have a way you like to use papaya? Share it below. We would love to try it.

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