August 01, 2016

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Papaya - The Fruit of Angels: A highly delicious and popular tropical fruit, papaya leaves, fruit, and seeds include a variety of nutrients for the body. Papaya leaf extract, Papaya leaf teas and Papaya seed powder aids digestion, supports your immune system, boosts healthy blood platelet function and supports youthful skin.

What Makes Papaya So Powerful? Papaya is the only natural source of the protein digesting enzymes Papain & Chymopapain. It also contains the enzyme fibrin, a rarity in the plant world. Fibrin is an insoluble protein that traps red blood cells and platelets that aid blood clotting.

Why We Are Unique? We are 100% women-owned - We give 10% of profits to educate girls in Africa - We support our organic farmers and their communities - We care deeply about our environment.

The Best Fun Papaya-Themed Products to Indulge in Today!

What better way to brighten up your week than by looking at all the fun papaya products that are out there?

With all of the heavy topics that are constantly in the news, especially with the current divisive election season in the US, I think it's fair to want to lighten the mood every now and then. What better way to do that than with papaya?

We've been preparing for our upcoming appearance at Expo East in Baltimore in September, and we've been channeling all things papaya in the process. That planning as well as a lot of internet shopping in the name of "research" led us to this list .

Here are a few fun items to look for next time you're wanting to spread the papaya love too!

The Best Fun Papaya-Themed Products to Indulge in Today!

Papaya Art

There are plenty of papaya art prints and patterns to be found on Pinterest and Etsy. If you're looking for an artistic take on our favorite fruit, why not hang some cute and colorful papaya prints in your kitchen to brighten up the room? Perhaps you would rather go for a retro look, we got you covered for that as well! 

You can find papaya art here and here

Papaya PrintRetro Papaya Print

Papaya Pillow

If you want to take the papaya enthusiasm even further, there's the option of getting papaya throw pillows for your living room. Again it's fun, tropical, and a nice touch of color to add to your interior decorating. 

Find it here!

Papaya Pillow

Papaya Soap/Skincare

We've already talked a lot on this blog about the many benefits that papaya offers for your body inside and out. Lotions, soaps, and skincare seem to be the most popular papaya beauty products, and they're perfect for not only smelling tropical but for baby soft skin. That goes for men too - indulge in a mango & papaya shaving cream today and you won't be able to stop touching your face. 

Find papaya soap on Etsy here, herehere, and here.

Find papaya skincare here, here, and here

Find mango & papaya shaving cream here

Papaya Mango Soap

Papaya Candle

You don't have to stop at just you smelling good, why not make your whole house smell like papaya? The fresh tropical scents of papaya and mango will make you feel like you're in South America, the ocean breeze just on the tip of your memory. We can't think of anything more relaxing! 

Find our pick for the best papaya candle here

Papaya Candle

Papaya Jewelry

A few of the team members at Herbal Papaya own papaya earrings, and they're the best statement accessory for any kind of outfit. Make your outfit fruity with papaya accents and get ready for the amount of compliments you'll get walking down the street. 

Find papaya earrings here

Find papaya necklaces here

Papaya EarringsPapaya Necklace

Papaya Leaf Tea

Lastly, we couldn't leave without mentioning our Papaya Leaf Teas at Herbal Papaya. They're perfect for making into ice tea with a bit of natural agave or honey to sweeten them up. The mint especially is wonderful over ice! Give them a go this summer and keep on indulging in papaya. 

Original TeaPapaya Mint TeaPapaya Rooibos Chai Tea

Have you seen any awesome papaya products lately that you would add to this list?

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Salimah Sulaimaan
Salimah Sulaimaan

August 02, 2016

I wish you would deliver your products at Jungle Jims International market in Cincinnati Ohio

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