Rock your way into the New Year, 2018! 5 different Common New Year Resolutions + How to Make 2018 Count

by Chiamaka Nwokocha January 09, 2018 0 Comments

Rock your way into the New Year, 2018! 5 different Common New Year Resolutions + How to Make 2018 Count


happy new year

It’s a New Year, I’m super excited. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t just wait for the New Year to come already. One thing beautiful about every New Year that stands out for me is the fact that we have renewed hopes of reaching goals, achieving targets, and above all, re-strategising.  And for those who see it as a time to try just as much to improve certain aspects of their lives, the proverbial saying to ‘turn a new leaf’ is indispensable, and pretty much this is the best part of the year to try to achieve this.

 Very popular at this time of the year are New Year resolutions and we would love to share a few of our favourite tried and true tips that can increase your productivity and help you reach your goals this year. 2018 isn’t a time to procrastinate or wallow, it’s a time to get stuff done and create a healthier and happier life for yourself. Let's begin!

Gratitude and determination to make 2018 count

Make a more conscious effort to being grateful this year. Many health benefits accrue from gratitude. According to many studies, benefits in health revolve around an improvement in the immune system, lowering blood pressure and facilitation of more sleep. The benefits are seemingly endless

  • Gratitude makes you happier.
  • Gratitude makes other people like you.
  • Gratitude makes you healthier.
  • Gratitude boosts your career.
  • Gratitude strengthens your emotions.
  • Gratitude develops your personality.
  • Gratitude reduces materialism.
  • Gratitude increases spirituality.
  • Gratitude makes you less self-centered.
  • Gratitude increases your self-esteem.
  • Gratitude makes you more likely to exercise.
  • Gratitude helps you bounce back from challenges.
  • Gratitude makes you feel good.
  • Gratitude helps you relax.
  • Gratitude makes you friendlier.
  • Gratitude helps your marriage.
  • Gratitude makes you look good.
  • Gratitude deepens your friendships.
  • Gratitude helps you network.
  • Gratitude increases your goal achievement.
  • Gratitude improves your decision making.
  • Gratitude increases your productivity.

Journal what you're thankful for every day

Gratitude journaling is a scientifically proven way to overcome several psychological challenges. If you start every day of the month off with healthy habits and a positive outlook, even if it’s simply committing to positive mornings, there’s no stopping how much you can accomplish

When you start writing what you’re grateful for, new chambers of thought open in the palace of your mind. You’ll often need to put your pen down and take a few breaths. You’ll be captivated not only by the amazing things in your life, but by the awe and brilliance of life in general.

Start a journaling session, and be sure to include some gratitude in your writing. It will change your life orientation from scarcity to abundance. The world will increasingly “become your oyster.”

Think of all the things you could be grateful for and write them in your little journal and keep it by your bed. Each night, before you sleep, scribble down a few things for which you are grateful. You may be surprised at how drastically this type of daily positive mindset can influence your overall happiness levels. And who doesn’t want a happier year ahead of them? 

Make new friends

Making new friends can be all sorts of awkward or all-round awesome. Enlarge your cycle by making new friends. The benefits of having a good friend in your life can be endless. It is a great feeling that there is someone else in the world that cares about you and understands you completely. A good friend can be closer than a brother or sister. Nevertheless, never underestimate the power of good friends. Good friends are there for you through good and bad times, they comfort you when you're sad, calm you down when you're angry about something, Give advice when you need it and they make you laugh when you need a good laugh. Brush up on your social skills so that you can get down to the business of finding your new BFF.

Start exercising

What’s keeping you back? You have to deal with giving an answer to that question first. Yes,of course! No more procrastination. What seems impossible today will one day become your warm up! You have Now to Start.

Feed your Body Right

This is the most delicious part. Away with quick unhealthy snacks and Yes to healthier foods. The benefits cannot be overemphasized. Try out more healthy and nutritious foods and recipes this year (Take a sneak at some of our all-time favourite recipes)

Lastly, a great New Year’s resolution for 2018 could be to make sure you get up with enough time to never feel rushed. Train your brain to think positively right when you wake up, and don’t let that alarm clock put you in a grumpy mood. Wake up early enough to take 30 minutes out of your day to do something you love. This could be yoga, meditation, healthy meal prep for the day,quit smoking, reading, writing, running, and a number of other things. Try and find something that’s positive and productive while still making you happy. 

We’d love to know - what are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018? Do you think you’ll try out any of the ones we recommended this  year? 


Chiamaka Nwokocha
Chiamaka Nwokocha


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