August 13, 2015


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Papaya - The Fruit of Angels: A highly delicious and popular tropical fruit, papaya leaves, fruit, and seeds include a variety of nutrients for the body. Papaya leaf extract, Papaya leaf teas and Papaya seed powder aids digestion, supports your immune system, boosts healthy blood platelet function and supports youthful skin.

What Makes Papaya So Powerful? Papaya is the only natural source of the protein digesting enzymes Papain & Chymopapain. It also contains the enzyme fibrin, a rarity in the plant world. Fibrin is an insoluble protein that traps red blood cells and platelets that aid blood clotting.

Why We Are Unique? We are 100% women-owned - We give 10% of profits to educate girls in Africa - We support our organic farmers and their communities - We care deeply about our environment.

What's the Scoop on Papaya Seeds?

The many health benefits to be found in papaya seeds.

Papaya seeds are often overlooked when eating the juicy fruit they're encased in, but their unique health benefits are not something that should be ignored. 


In general, papaya has a variety of nutrients that are all good for supporting immunity. 

Papaya leaves, specifically, are popular due to their blood support capabilities, how well they promote a clean bloodstream, and maintain blood platelet functions. 

So, where does that leave papaya seeds? What is the scoop on those little black seeds in the middle of the papaya fruit that people think are inedible?

Well, it's time to start eating your seeds people and here's why. 

The Benefits of Papaya Seed


The most well-known benefit to papaya seeds is how they help in digestion. Papayas contain the enzyme papain, which supports a healthy digestive track. 

Support Liver Health

Papaya seeds have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine in improving functions of the liver and for good reason. 

Papaya seeds can also prevent or support cases of food poisoning since papaya seeds are thought to have an antibacterial effect on the digestive system.

How to Eat Them

Papaya seeds have a taste that's reminiscent of black pepper and wasabi. Because of their flavor profile, papaya seeds are often used as a pepper substitute. 

You can eat them whole and straight from the papaya but they will have a somewhat bitter taste. Other people enjoy grinding them down with a pestle and mortar to powder form and sprinkling them on their food. 

If you want to eat papaya seeds whole but they're too bitter for your tastebuds, try them with a teaspoon of honey to sweeten them in a natural way. 

At Herbal Papaya we offer quality organic and non-GMO papaya seed products in two different forms: papaya seed extract liquid and papaya seed powder. Both are great to put in yogurt, smoothies, or mixed in with salad dressing. 

Things to Know

There are many benefits that come from eating papaya seeds, but as with anything, they are best to use in moderation. Many people can eat a teaspoon of papaya seeds a day, but if you double or triple that intake, you could actually increase digestive problems.

It is recommended that you start out with small portions, and work up to the suggested daily amount to allow your stomach to become accustomed to the bitter flavors and papain enzyme. 

When eating papaya seeds, make sure to chew them and don't just swallow them whole. The reason for this is because of how tough the outside shell of the seed is, it's unlikely to be broken down during digestion.

Because of their fertility effects, it's recommended to avoid papaya seeds if you're trying to get pregnant and during your pregnancy. 


As you can see, there are various health benefits from papaya seeds and many different ways to eat them. So, next time you finish a papaya instead of avoiding the seeds, try a few and see what you think. They're just another factor to why papayas are such an important fruit for our bodies and why they're often called Fruit of the Angels.

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August 25, 2016

Can white seeds of immature fruit also be eaten and effective for cleanse?


June 30, 2016

I want to know how I can use the pawpaw seed to prevent pregnancy should it be dried or taken fresh
Herbal Papaya
Herbal Papaya

January 14, 2016

Hi Ventricle,

Although the seeds are used as a form of contraceptive in certain parts of the world, we wouldn’t recommend it as the only type of contraception to use.


January 12, 2016

hi. I wanted to know more about the seeds causing sterility in males? Can you find more information about it whether it is reliable contraception it not?

vidya deonarine
vidya deonarine

November 05, 2015

I did not know that the seeds can be eaten. Thanks!!


October 23, 2015

I always save my papaya seeds. I dry them completely, then powder them in my blender, then I fill up the large (I think the size is"00") gel caps. I use them when I do a cleanse. 3caps 3 times a day for 3 to 5 days

Herbal Papaya
Herbal Papaya

September 24, 2015

Hi Lucy,

Yes! That’s the perfect alternative if you are unable to find fresh seeds daily, or if you want to order our papaya seed powder in bulk. You can freeze the seeds, and still use them in smoothies, etc and still enjoy the health benefits. Great question!


September 14, 2015

This article is really great but I have one thing to ask if in your area you don’t get papaya daily can you freeze the seeds and apply them in smoothies of one teaspoon daily will that be acceptable way of doing it?


August 17, 2015

make sure you put some of the seed in the soil to let them grow for another papaya’s tree….so you could enjoy papaya next year…..=)

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