3 Fun Ways to Use our Graviola Smoothie Packs for Valentine's Day

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3 Fun Ways to Use our Graviola Smoothie Packs for Valentine's Day

fun ways to use our graviola smoothie packs for valentine's day

Stuck on ideas of what to give your loved one this Valentine's day? Roses and chocolates are so over rated and often overdone they are starting to loose their zing... so why not give something different and healthy this Valentines?

Here are 3 amazing health and fresh ideas using our Graviola 100% Fruit Smoothie and Graviola 100% Puree.

The Goody Basket.

Fun Ways to Use our Graviola Smoothie Packs for Valentine's DayA good ol’ Goody Basket goes a long way and is so easy to set up. All you need is some tissue paper, a basket and filling. You can pair your Graviola 100% Fruit Smoothie Packs with fruits such as apples and bananas. Or you could even add a DIY kit to the mix. Buy a beautiful tall glass, some milk, and Strawberries to go along with our Graviola 100% Puree. Another idea with this would be to make the smoothie and pack a picnic! Don't forget your ice pack though! You wouldn't want the smoothies or milk to spoil. 
Place your items onto the scrunched up tissue paper which you place in the basket. Arrange them so they look pretty and add more tissue paper in between your items so they look nicer, not just dumped into the basket. For good measure, use clear wrapping paper, place the basket in the middle of the clear wrapping paper and collect the ends into the middle over the handle of the basket. Tie it together with string or ribbon and you have one beautiful Goody Basket ready to show some love. 

The Homemade Gift.

Fun Ways to Use our Graviola Smoothie Packs for Valentine's DayWhen you have the Graviola 100% Puree you could make amazing graviola smoothies yourself, and freeze them up for that special valentine. Perfect for the homemade romantic dinner or a sorbet for dessert. When you make something yourself then there is always more love that goes into the preparation. Making the smoothie yourself makes for a great excuse to have a lovely night in, candles lit and some Stevie Wonder playing in the background.


The Voucher.

Fun Ways to Use our Graviola Smoothie Packs for Valentine's DayThis is my favorite go-to valentine gift. It can also be used all year round too. The idea behind the voucher is simple. On a pretty piece of paper write what the voucher is. For example “A Smoothie and a foot rub” or “A Smoothie after a rough day at work.” You can write anything that could be used in the future when your loved one needs it most. I love getting vouchers which say “A Smoothie and Breakfast in Bed.” Then I get to start my day with a delicious Organic Graviola 100% Smoothie that helps me relax, and puts me in a good mood all day long ... of course until start wishing I could get another voucher to repeat the amazing day.

Love is in the air.

So there you go. Fun ways to use our Graviola 100% Fruit Smoothies and Graviola 100% Puree Packs for Valentine’s day. They are easy, love felt and do not leave you with a hole in your bank account. Best of all, they make your loved one feel special, and you are happy in return.

What is better than smiles all around on Valentines day?

Accounting Department
Accounting Department


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