February 09, 2013


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Papaya - The Fruit of Angels: A highly delicious and popular tropical fruit, papaya leaves, fruit, and seeds include a variety of nutrients for the body. Papaya leaf extract, Papaya leaf teas and Papaya seed powder aids digestion, supports your immune system, boosts healthy blood platelet function and supports youthful skin.

What Makes Papaya So Powerful? Papaya is the only natural source of the protein digesting enzymes Papain & Chymopapain. It also contains the enzyme fibrin, a rarity in the plant world. Fibrin is an insoluble protein that traps red blood cells and platelets that aid blood clotting.

Why We Are Unique? We are 100% women-owned - We give 10% of profits to educate girls in Africa - We support our organic farmers and their communities - We care deeply about our environment.

Herbal Papaya Now in GNC Cayman Islands

Great news for our Islanders... You can now find Herbal Papaya Products in your GNC store in Cayman Islands!!

Go check it out!

GNC - Cayman Islands
Queens Court Plaza
West Bay Road, Grand Cayman - Cayman Islands
(345) 925-2524

It is easy for other GNC stores to now carry our products since we have completed the approval process! If you would love to see our products in any GNC store, ask them to contact us or print this flier and take it to the store next time you visit,. (http://www.herbalpapaya.com/CustomerRetailStoreRequest.pdf) o or you can email them this link (http://www.herbalpapaya.com/health-stores.html).

We look forward to serving our customers and health stores with excellence!

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